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Quod Erat Demonstrandum

Magdeburg have still some life in them and they showed it today. Jena were the victims of a thrashing. It takes some time to research a similar result, when Magdeburg scored six. SIX. Though it has to be said: they also conceded two.

Accepting the Challenge

The fans of FC Magdeburg are going through a rough patch as the squad struggles to find their form. The gap to the top places has widened and confidence appears to have taken a hit. And although this is nothing new, the team struggle. We all like to be liked The new year has been…

13 Months in the Life of

Just before the end of the year comes another shock and review of the fate of FC Magdeburg. The year ends with a bombshell. < h3>Rollercoaster It has been a hell of a ride ever since those jolly days in April 2018 when Magdeburg gained promotion from league three to Bundesliga 2. What followed was…

Relegated: A Season in Review

Last year a brief post stated that 1. FC Magdeburg had achieved something historical by reaching Bundesliga 2. This year, just over a year later, the club have been relegated. Time to draw some conclusions. Where to begin such a season review? There are a number of factors to be added into the calculation that…

The Eternal Beck

A lot has been said and written – here and elsewhere about the history of FC Magdeburg. Coaches have come and gone as have players. One has been with the club now for seven years, he has seen three head coaches, promotion twice and has been an integral part of the team. Always. There are…

The belief is back

In the new year Magdeburg are still unbeaten and are currently on a roll. Read more →


A short personal text about FC Magdeburg securing promotion to Bundesliga 2 next season. Read more →

Magdeburg Dreams

A short review of Magdeburg’s season so far, including a trip to Bolton that has caused more headlines than the team’s performance against Bolton Wanderers. Read more →

Losing the Battle – Winning Hearts

Magdeburg may have been beaten thoroughly, their fans have impressed however. It was not only the show just before kick-off when the teams came onto the pitch, it was moreover and more importantly the fact that throughout the ninety minutes they sang, created chants and noisy and supportive of their team. To remind people in…

The Match of the Season

As Magdeburg take on Dortmund in the Cup tonight, a short preview about the impact this game could have for either team. #FCMBVB Read more →