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Enough is Enough

The world of football took note on Sunday when a mere 200 fans stormed Old Trafford ahead of Manchester United’s home game against Liverpool – one of the most important games of the season for either club – and caused the game to be postponed. It is a strong signal that something is wrong in…

Missing a sitter

We all have been there: somehow we have managed to get through defense and are free on goal only to miss THE opportunity to score a goal, maybe the decisive goal.

Him team mates have to console him as the guy knows what a chance he has missed there.


There are few players who not only achieve great things on the pitch but in doing so have been elevated to the status of a demi god or even a god. Maradona was one of those players. What he did with the ball was outstanding. He lifted his team to win the World Cup 1986…

The Wealth of Otmar

The recruitment of Otmar Schork in early November can only have been the start of a development of change and, more importantly, improvement at FC Magdeburg. Who is this Otmar Schork? The name Otmar is an old germanic male name. It consists of two syllables ‘aud’ meaning wealth/prosperity and ‘mar’ translates as fame. Change and…


Football is all about chance, late goals, joy and heart break. There is always a chance an underdog may spring a surprise, in the league as well as in any cup competition.

It happened in Saxony where SC Dresden Weißig played FC Eilenburg in the Saxon Cup. Weißig scored an early goal, setting the tone for the match as Eilenburg, playing in the fourth division always had to chase the game. It was 2:2 with 89 minutes played when Weißig had a free kick awarded.

Near the halfway line you’d expect a long ball towards the corner flag in order to run down the clock and get into extra time. Not on my watch, William Schult thought and aimed for the angle. And hit it, sweetly. The keeper had no chance, did not even move.

It is moments like these that make football so special. One moment, one kick can alter the story of the game and secure a place in football eternity.

Ten Years in the Life of

A blog! And while the times are difficult there will be no celebtrations but some reflections. On Blogging, writing and the blogging community. Like an Eternity Ten years are a long time and in online time it seems like it is an eternity. Yet, this is the time that this little blog of mine exists.…

If this is football

The last few weeks have been revealing and testing. Testing as the Corona pandemic has forced the world to a stand still, has made us re-think our daily habits like shaking hands, high fiving, the famous French ‘bisous’ and worst of all attending football matches with tens of thousands of other people. In this respect…

The Bülter Million

This will be a post that is inevitably influenced by the Corona pandemic that has caused a global standstill. While it is not clear what will happen once the first wave of infections and deaths is over and a possible second wave may ruin our summer, it is clear that there are consequences right now…

We Don’t Wanna Go Up!

Imagine you are a young footballer and you would have the chance to play professional football in one of Germany’s top divsions. Then the club decides, it is not sustainable to go up. What do you? Why is that possible? The news broke last Wednesday (February 12, 2020) that SV Rödinghausen would not apply to…

Hertha Ha, Ha, BSC

After just nine weeks Jürgen Klinsmann ist already on the go again as he decided to walk away from his job as coach at Hertha BSC. Read more →