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a few words to think about

England may not have won the World Cup at the Women’s World Cup this year but their coach, Sarina Wiegman was named coach of the year in Monaco at a ceremony held in late August 2023.

After receiving the award she politely asked if she could say a few words. And those words were remarkable.

She dedicated the award to the Spanish team all the while, the UEFA president stood next to her and said NOTHING but grinned. UEFA is the organisation that has not taken action over the sexually harassing moment during the trophy ceremony after the World Cup Final. This man is still in office and refuses to step down. UEFA refused to accept the request from the Spanish FA to expulse the RFEF in order to save Rubiales.

Overall, the state of the game of football is a sad one. A coach decided to dedicate her award to a team who have won the World Cup but are subject to sexual harassment and had to face attempts at being silenced by their national association in the aftermath.

Wiegman’s words are a well deserved slap in the face of UEFA

The praise for Sarina Wiegman is well deserved, even more so with those few words of support she offered at the ceremony.

image credit: © James Boyes from UK, via Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0.

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