An Old International

Fall from Grace

To anyone somewhat familiar with German football, the name 1. FC Kaiserslautern will ring some bells. The club have a long history: established in 1900, they won four German championships, all post-1945 (1951, 1953, 1991 and 1998), two DFB Cups in 1990 and 1996. In 1998 they managed to win the league after being promoted the season before – a unique feat. As German champions they reached the quarter-final of the Champions league 1999, where they were comprehensively beaten 6:0 on aggregate by Bayern München. Read more →

Here We Go Again

This season was, at the beginning, one for dusting off and preparing for promotion to Bundesliga 2 in a few years’ time. Ten months, a pandemic and 31 games later, this season has turned into a nightmare. Magdeburg have hired and fired two coaches this season, making the club resemble its former incarnation between 1995 and 2004 where stability was a quality lacking.

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If this is football

The last few weeks have been revealing and testing. Testing as the Corona pandemic has forced the world to a stand still, has made us re-think our daily habits like shaking hands, high fiving, the famous French ‘bisous’ and worst of all attending football matches with tens of thousands of other people. In this respect the pandemic has been revealing.

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The Bülter Million

This will be a post that is inevitably influenced by the Corona pandemic that has caused a global standstill. While it is not clear what will happen once the first wave of infections and deaths is over and a possible second wave may ruin our summer, it is clear that there are consequences right now for football that need addressing. A case in point is one of the transfers Magdeburg have done last summer.

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Rotterdam Reloaded

No football these days wherever you look. However, fans need their fix. In order to do so and to help their club, the supporters of Magdeburg have come up with a great idea.

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Book Review: Inside Zlatan’s Skin

A comic book review about Zlatan Ibrahimovic who played for Paris and was an icon with the fans of PSG. Read more →

this has been the month

It has been a black month, this February 2020 just past. Several incidences have severely dashed any hope of a dialogue between the fans and the DFB. That is almost considered a lesser evil, considering the outbreak of racism and vicious attacks.

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Quod Erat Demonstrandum

Magdeburg have still some life in them and they showed it today. Jena were the victims of a thrashing. It takes some time to research a similar result, when Magdeburg scored six. SIX. Though it has to be said: they also conceded two.

a change is gonna come

Magdeburg may just have turned a corner in Munich, yet there is still a long way to go.

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We Don’t Wanna Go Up!

Imagine you are a young footballer and you would have the chance to play professional football in one of Germany’s top divsions. Then the club decides, it is not sustainable to go up. What do you? Why is that possible? The news broke last Wednesday (February 12, 2020) that SV Rödinghausen would not apply to get a licence to play in division three next season despite the club being top favourites to win promotion. As reasons the financial demands were cited as well as the capacity of their stadium.

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