An Old International

The Eternal Beck

A lot has been said and written – here and elsewhere about the history of FC Magdeburg. Coaches have come and gone as have players. One has been with the club now for seven years, he has seen three head coaches, promotion twice and has been an integral part of the team. Always. Read more →

The belief is back

New Year – New Luck? goes an old proverb in German. For FC Magdeburg this seems to be what is happening right now.
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Hugh McIlvanney on the World Cup 1966

What follows is a collection of quotes by Hugh McIlvanney who has passed away this week on the World Cup tournament 1966, held in England.

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Symptoms and Causes

The recent outpoor of criticism and cynicism at Franck Ribéry for eating a steak covered in gold dust seems to point in the wrong direction. A few months ago, the press were eagerly engaged in a witch hunt with England international and Manchester City player Raheem Sterling. Read more →

The Miracle of the Grotenburg

There are games that are embedded in football folklore, even more than thirty years later. One of these games happened Krefeld, a town not known for its footballing exploits. Yet, in the 1980s the local team FC Bayer 05 Uerdingen were a force to be reckoned with. In March 1986 they hosted East German side Dynamo Dresden in the second leg of the quarterfinal of the old Cup Winners Cup. It was epic. Read more →

Never, Never, Never Give Up

It is widely acknowledged that writing is a form of therapy to deal with emotional stress and other forms of discomfort. So this post is purely therapeutic and analytical. Read more →

Book Review: And sometimes the dog was busy

Usually, a players biography is full of platitudes and repetitions. Not so this one by Fergus Moore whose account is a vivid display of grass roots football in and around London. Read more →

At long last!

The fans of 1. FC Magdeburg are a patient bunch. First they had to endure a quarter of a century during which their club played in the nether regions of the German football pyramide, once the club got promoted it took eight games before they recorded their first ever win in Bundesliga 2. Read more →

No Winners, Just Losers

With the World Cup behind us and the national league competitions well underway across Europe, it is time to share some reflections on what has happened in Germany and German football that it has come to where it is right now. Read more →

Colourful Bundesliga

Who ever has said that the Bundesliga is dull needs to re-think after watching this video in which female and male models alike present the new shirts of the Bundesliga clubs by dancing through the broadcast studio. The presenter is Hans Joachim Friedrichs, an icon of German journalism and he is accompanied by Günter Netzer, one of the best players Germany ever had and possibly the best of the 1970s.