An Old International

Accepting the Challenge

The fans of FC Magdeburg are going through a rough patch as the squad struggles to find their form. The gap to the top places has widened and confidence appears to have taken a hit. And although this is nothing new, the team struggle.

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Hertha Ha, Ha, BSC

Ha Ho He – Hertha BSC! is the battle cry of Hertha BSC supporters. These days, following the departure of Jürgen Klinsmann, it is more Hertha – Ha Ha Ha.

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We will remember?

The date 27 January marks an important date in German history and history in general. On this day in 1945 the Red Army reached Auschwitz and it became clear to everyone what the Germans had done in those camps. What that has to do with football you may ask. Quite a lot.

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Plain Chill: 1. FSV Mainz 05 – SC Freiburg

The Bundesliga returned on the third weekend of January with the debut of Erling Haaland for Dortmund who rescued his new club from an unlikely defeat against Augsburg. A little further North West, Mainz commenced the remainder of the season by hosting Freiburg, Germany’s best known hipster club.

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Book Review: Frozen in Time

The Wonderful Randomness of the European Cup Winners’ Cup.

We live in an age where our past may soon be forgotten due to shortening attention spans and a plethora of platforms demanding immediate responses. It is therefore even more important that the history of one of football’s great tournaments has been written. And surely many will agree that the European Cup Winners’ Cup was a great tournament, even though in hindsight it may not appear as such. Read more →

13 Months in the Life of

Just before the end of the year comes another shock and review of the fate of FC Magdeburg. The year ends with a bombshell.

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Taking Notes and making Sketches

Taking notes is an important tool for writers of all genres. Recently, one of my notebooks have reached its final page and it is an occasion to show some images of it. Read more →

Stamp(s) of Authority

It is a well known fact that East Germany was no footballing superpower. This is somewhat reflected in the absence of football on postal stamps, despite the GDR putting almost anything and anyone on a stamp.
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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Initiating discussion is necessary, not though if the topic means a step or even two steps back as Oliver Bierhoff has proven with his remarks regarding Germany’s third division.

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After more than 10 games have been played this season, the international break offers a moment to take stock of FC Magdeburg’s season so far after being relegated at the end of last season. Read more →