An Old International

Russian Perceptions

With the World Cup just weeks away travel plans are ready and the excitement slowly but steadily starts to build. A survey brings to light interesting facts and perceptions. Read more →

Cherish the Moment

Upon witnessing a great goal in Normandy the question why there is no means to record the beauty of grass roots football as gadgets of this kind are the latest flash. Read more →

Cosy Football: FC Oberlausitz Neugersdorf – BSG Chemie Leipzig

Sunday afternoon and wonderful sunshine – the best to watch some football. Sadly, the game couldn’t keep up with the weather. Both teams, Neugersdorf and Chemie Leipzig were too scared of relegation. Read more →


Under normal circumstances objectivity is the key tone of this blog and any posts that have been published so far. Not this post. Read more →

Book Review: From Dehli to the Den

A German journalist once stated that superlatives should be used carefully as they tend to wear off. In case of Stephen Constantine’s book From Dehli to the Den. The story of football’s most travelled manager, the use of the superlative is justified. The air miles he has amassed must be sufficient to have his family travel a year for free. Read more →

Sick of it all

What if football makes you sick to the point that because of diarrhoea the last meal before the match has to be taken four hours before kick-off? Per Mertesacker has spoken at length and very open about his experiences as a professional footballer. Read more →

How to attract the US to Football

Despite the recent developments of football in the United States it is still a long way off from European standards. This little video demonstrates how football could be made more attractive for a wider audience by the broadcasters and commentators.

Simply spice the commentary with little stats, though nonsensical in nature, they will surely capture the American audience.

Football Among Friends: Red Star FC 93 – Grenoble FC 38

The first rays of sun last Saturday saw the top game of the French third division between Red Star FC and Grenoble FC 38. Grenoble came as second, Red Star were just behind them separated by mere two points. Read more →

The End of the Affair? Babelsberg’s Battle

Many observers of Germany and particular of the East during the 1990s could have been forgiven to think that the country may be on a worrying development. The former communist East saw a rise in racist incidents. The West of Germany was not immune either. It is almost thirty years ago that the Berlin Wall signalled the end of the Cold War and brought about one German state. Yet, the problems of racism persist, possibly now more than ever as the case of Babelsberg shows. Read more →

Red Star Belgrade 3 – Manchester United 3

As this blog celebrates its eighth anniversary in June it is time to remember the name sake, the original Harold Donald Davies also known as Don Davies who signed his match reports for the Manchester Guardian with ‘Old International’. Davies and eight of his colleagues travelled with the Manchester United team to Belgrade and reported about the match; it was to be his last report. Read more →