An Old International

We shall fight on the beaches!

Magdeburg have to convert to beach soccer in order to secure their league status as the pitch resembles more a beach than a football pitch. A Churchillian twist to their already tough situation. Read more →

Backyard Football

Playing and losing in the Europa League is part of football these days. You play and you win. You play and you lose. That is football, always has been. Some however, have not understood. Read more →

Missing a sitter

We all have been there: somehow we have managed to get through defense and are free on goal only to miss THE opportunity to score a goal, maybe the decisive goal.

Him team mates have to console him as the guy knows what a chance he has missed there.

How much hope left?

Another match day and another defeat. This time after being the better team. Zero points are the cruel reality for Magdeburg. Read more →

Bauer’s da Name

A football ground is so much more than just a football ground for football fans. It is home, it is a sacred space, a place where people meet friends and family. Its names are just as sacred as the places. Red Star FC’s fans will feel elated these days. Read more →

Dawning Of A New Era?

The search for a new coach has lasted a mere three days – given the urgency precious time – but the result is a bang and immediately raises the level of hope among supprters. Read more →

Fresh Impulses

The head coach of FC Magdeburg,Thomas Hoßmang, has resigned, raising more questions and emphasizing that need at all levels at the club is necessary. Now more than ever. Read more →

Magdeburg – Dresden

After a grueling January, February will be the month in which fears may become certainties. Read more →

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

The beginning of the year was not easy for Magdeburg as they had to play six matches in three weeks. The rewards is meagre. There is unrest at the Club, now more than ever and the pressure is as high as ever. Read more →

Fergie Time in Halle

The script for this match reminds seasoned readers of the time when Manchester United got their goals late in many a games by sheer will. Read more →