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Quod Erat Demonstrandum

Magdeburg have still some life in them and they showed it today. Jena were the victims of a thrashing. It takes some time to research a similar result, when Magdeburg scored six. SIX. Though it has to be said: they also conceded two.

a change is gonna come

Magdeburg may just have turned a corner in Munich, yet there is still a long way to go. The regular reader will have noticed that the frequency of writings about FC Magdeburg have increased over the last few weeks; the last text was published just two weeks ago which is a lot for a blog…

Plain Chill: 1. FSV Mainz 05 – SC Freiburg

Match report for Mainz 05 vs SC Freiburg on a chilly and windy Saturday afternoon in Mainz. Read more →

The Dunkirk Spirit

Match Report if Red Star against Dunkirk which saw the visitors winning quite confidentially. Read more →

Match 4/4: Sweden progress against Canada

The last of four matches at this world cup saw me attending a knock out game between Sweden and Canada, two of the wider circle of favourites in this year’s competition. The atmosphere was a lot livelier in contrast with the previous three matches. There were close to 40000 people in the ground making some…

Match 3/4: Scotland v. Argentina

Match report on Scotland v. Argentina at the Parc des Princes in Paris. Read more →

Match 2/4: China v. South Africa

Another no brainer on paper: China were the favourites and South Africa the underdogs. It seemed that China had almost forgotten that they come with some footballing pedigree. This was close to an embarrassment. China were favourites not just because their star player Wang Shuang plies her trade in Europe, at PSG in fact and…

History has been made: Japan v. Argentina

What on paper looked a sure thing for Japan turned out to be a historical match for Argentina. A sunlit Parc des Princes hosted the first group match for Japan, the world champions of 2011 and Argentina who have qualified for the second time only after 2007. Given the problems these women are facing and…

Relegated: A Season in Review

Last year a brief post stated that 1. FC Magdeburg had achieved something historical by reaching Bundesliga 2. This year, just over a year later, the club have been relegated. Time to draw some conclusions. Where to begin such a season review? There are a number of factors to be added into the calculation that…

But is it enough?

That winning feeling is wonderful. Yesterday’s match between FC Magdeburg and Greuther Fürth was one of those days that made one believe in all the good things in live. Sunshine, a team that was taking the game to the opponent and came back from a goal down to secure a vital home win. The final…