10 Minute Madness ⋆ An Old International

10 Minute Madness

Whatever momentum Magdeburg may have gathered over the last three games, it was all gone within ten minutes against Fürth. While the first half looked decent, if not solid, between the 65th and the 75th minute, Magdeburg gave the game and their good position away. The goal difference before was -11 which compared well with that of their relegation contenders; now it is -14 which puts them right back into the fold again.

Surely, two injuries during the first half shattered any match plan but this must be taken into consideration by the coach. This is a crucial time in the season and at half way of the second leg of the season, the international break May help to re-adjust and sharpen the focus for the task ahead. To stay up is the first and foremost task for Magdeburg.

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