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May Day, May Day! Neugersdorf vs Ludwigsfelde

Football on May Day at Neugersdorf – a club in an emergency situation. You have to be passionate to attend; only 130 were courageous enough to do so.

May Day and this small town in upper Lusitania was as asleep as it has been over the last few years. No one in the street, no public festival, except those who attended this match in the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn Arena, which had seen better times but nonetheless radiated a certain charme.


Oh FCO, Oh FCO went the chant of the faithful of FC Oberlausitz Neugersdorf. Indeed, oh FCO! How has it come to this? Bottom of the table in the fifth division. A few years ago there were BSG Chemie Leipzig visiting and selling out the away block. Even in this division they played a positive role, finishing 5th and 6th in the last seasons, respectively. Yet, it looks desparate for them as relegation looms large and certain.

It was a game that Neugersdorf had to win in order to keep some hope alive. They currently have 20 points from 27 matches and two games in hand. For them to reach safety, each of the last seven matches of the season will be a cup final. There are 14 or 15 points required. This is more than a miracle needed.

According to this starting point, the game developed as such: Ludwigsfelde dictating the play as they pleased, with Neugersdorf capable of only reacting and trying to relieve some of the pressure. In this they succeeded only partly as their passing was inaccurate to such a degree that even with no opponents around, the ball was lost relatively quickly and another attack was to be sustained. That their defence held out was quite an achievement, one hast to admit. For most periods of the match, it seemed just a question of time before a goal would come. Yet, it did not. Towards the end of the first half, Neugersdorf were even unfortunate as a free kick missed the goal by not more than half a metre. This turned out to be their only chance. All other shots went wide, even their corner kicks brought nothing.

On the other side, the visitors looked at ease with the ball, their passing slick and direct with poise and accuracy. Their presence in midfield meant no trespassing possible for Neugersdorf, even the slightest attempt of going forward was immediately prevented.

The second half saw Ludwigsfelde pushing Neugersdorf back, boxing them into their own half, looking for an opening. The hosts meanwhile made nothing from any movement forward. Long balls, which immediately came back like a boomerang. There was no match plan, no plan b. Yet, somehow Neugersdorf managed to hold LFC at bay throughout the 90 minutes. This must be considered an achievement for the home side. It is however, not enough. There is nothing left to play for for Ludwigsfelde as their position in the table, 10th, means avoidance of relegation worries but also nothing to do with promotion.

Vivid Support

Among the about 130 watching, 15 were from the away team Ludwigsfelder FC, LFC, who came with a massive drum and almost continuously made themselves heard. It made interesting listening as the drum noise enveloped the main stand from either side

And thus remains to be said that Neugersdorf need to look at the future in a lower division, the sixth, meaning even less gate figures and media attention. Ludwigsfelde look certain to stay where they are and could see this division as their natural habitat in the future to come.

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