Magdeburg v Heidenheim: Patience! Patience! ⋆ An Old International

Magdeburg v Heidenheim: Patience! Patience!

Late October and Magdeburg still have a mountain to climb in order to stay above the line.

step forward – step backward?

Magdeburg were close to fall back into their pattern that has been laid out so far this season: a defeat will follow a victory. The away win at Hamburg which showed a very different approach from Magdeburg was almost rendered useless as Heidenheim took a first half lead and seemed content with sitting back and let Magdeburg come to them.

The supporters already started to leave at around the 85-90. minute in a demonstration of their disbelief at Magdeburg’s inability to score and to maintain a two match unbeaten streak.

However, those who left early missed the huge sigh of relief when Tatsuya Ito scored in the 93. minute. The ground erupted. Understandably.

vital point and morale intact

Not only was this point important to keep the Club above the line it also showed that morale is high and that the team will not stop until they drop.

This seems little but it may be just that little bit that was so much needed. And who knows what this point may be worth in the long run of this season.

For now, Magdeburg are above the line, though it is a tiny gap.

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