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Return to Bauer

The first match of the new season sees Red Star FC play at home, the Stade Bauer against Pau FC. #BacktoBauer Read more →

The last big Tournament?

With Portugal the winner of the Euro 2016, a short reflection on the state of Europe as it was mirrored in football during the past four weeks. That was that. Portugal stunned France to take home the trophy from Saint Denis in a tepid affair of a final. While the French still had the swagger…

Fire Power

Sometimes success can have negative side effects that essentially could hamper Magdeburg’s progress in the longer term. More can be achieved in taking things easy and a break once in a while. #CFCFCM Read more →

West Ham on verge of a new Era?

There is a sense of optimism in East London around the Boleyn Ground. A new manager, soon a new stadium. West Ham are going into a new era. Read more →

When the going gets tough, Klopp pulls out

Last week’s announcement that J

Paris aiming for the Grand Slam

Paris St. Germain are in for a trophy haul this season. Read more →

Moving in Circles

Yesterday’s 1-0 defeat of Manchester City against the Spanish giants Barcelona, saw the last English club eliminated from UEFA’s top competition. Once again, the soul searching has begun.There is no conclusive answer to the fact that none of the English clubs have made it to the quarter-finals of the Champions League this season. It would…

How to Assess Strength

Is the German Bundesliga really the strongest league as it is often declared?

Football in Europe: Unity through playing

The current European crisis brought and continues to bring to light the faults of the European Union: too much bureaucracy and not enough democracy and common sense. Silly regulations dictate that cucumbers have to be straight just as bananas. Surely, most Europeans would not mind if their cucumbers and bananas were more bent than they…

Is it all over now? Thoughts on 8 Goals

The European Cup has produced many memorable matches in its almost 60 years. This year’s semi-finals have the potential to be added to this history. There was a feeling of the end of an era about Bayern’s triumph against Barcelona on Tuesday. For the last 7 years, the Catalans have dominated European football, winning the…