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Hostage situation at Parc des Princes is over

It is with great relief that the hostage situation at Parc des Princes has been dissolved without any bloodshed, injuries or other serious consequences. The situation has become untenable over the past few years. Kylian Mbappé was the poster boy of the Parisian team and the squad was built around him; so much so that a number of players left the club while Mbappé had a say in signing new players. It left him as THE star player at PSG. However, the results were disappointing: the Champions League Trophy eluded PSG and has become a wet dream.

The player has miscalculated his move: it comes too late. He fancied playing alongside Karim Benzema at Real Madrid, yet his French teammate has chosen to play in Saudi Arabia. The MLS is surely no option for him as the level of competition is too low for a player of his age and talent.

The options therefore are limited: Real Madrid or Manchester City. It will be a question of money and attractiveness. Madrid vs Manchester, I guess this is a fairly simple question to reply to.

For PSG the period of superstars is over for now; Ibrahimovic, Beckham, Messi and Mbappé to name the biggest names – all have worn the shirt of the first team in Paris. The biggest names remain Marquinhos and Donnaruma, while the majority of the squad are starlets or largely unknown. Irbid a chance for the club to tackle their future challenges without the burden of big names but with the tag of the underdog. Mostly though, they will have to rebuild their squad to be be and to remain competitive in the Champions League, the only currency of value for PSG.

In conclusion it can be noted that the hostage situation is over, there were no casualties only a mistimed transfer and a player who wielded too much power and influence has finally decided to leave.

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