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If you have the Balls!

Paris Saint Germain and the Champions League is a chequered history. It is a history in which PSG have tried numerous times to get as far as possible or get to the final as during the Corona summer of 2020. Luck was not in their side either on this occasion. The post as manager of…

this has been the month

It has been a black month, this February 2020 just past. Several incidences have severely dashed any hope of a dialogue between the fans and the DFB. That is almost considered a lesser evil, considering the outbreak of racism and vicious attacks. This has been the month during which a player has been racially abused…

Fussball Über Alles – Too Much Football?

Earlier this week, the German football journalist Ronald Reng has asked a question that concerns all football fans and supporters. Could it be that there is too much football? Could it be that other sports are pushed away by soccer? His point needs some further context. Last Sunday the citizens of Hamburg were asked to…

Destroying the Summer Tale 2006

When Sepp Blatter announced the winner to host the World Cup 2006 in the summer of 2000, German football went through its darkest phase. At EURO 2000 Germany finished at the bottom of their group behind Portugal, Romania and England. No one could have foreseen that this tournament in 2006 would kick start the change…

4 Days – 4 Matches: Telehopping

A short review of watching four games of football in four days. Read more →

Football and the Media

Football and media have always had a special relation, a relationship that has undergone several stressful periods and currently is in the midst of re-building. The latest move by Swindon Town speaks of a relationship in break down. Arthur Hopcraft, a distinguished journalist writing for The Observer delivers a telling anecdote about this

The Fun of the Fair: The Watney Cup in the press

Press reflections on the Watney Cup and Match Reports. Read more →


This post marks the 200th blog entry on An Old International. What began in 2010 with a match report and was initially intended to keep the English language skills fluent and up to date, has now become a well designed blog that may provide some income in the not so distant future. For a change…

Football is for You and Me

Football Discourse in Germany. German football is currently engaged in a debate about football tradition. Reason for this is the rise of RB Leipzig, a club sponsored mainly, if not exclusively by Austrian sugar drink manufacturer Red Bull. The discussion has shown a huge rift among the football public as the following will highlight. The…

The White Noise of the Sports Media

The Italian philosopher Umberto Eco has touched upon every aspect of daily and cultural life, even sports and the sports media. In an essay titled