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How to attract the US to Football

Despite the recent developments of football in the United States it is still a long way off from European standards. This little video demonstrates how football could be made more attractive for a wider audience by the broadcasters and commentators.

Simply spice the commentary with little stats, though nonsensical in nature, they will surely capture the American audience.

The End of the Affair? Babelsberg’s Battle

The case of Babelsberg stands symbolically for the brazenness racists put on show these days. Read more →

Losing the Battle – Winning Hearts

Magdeburg may have been beaten thoroughly, their fans have impressed however. It was not only the show just before kick-off when the teams came onto the pitch, it was moreover and more importantly the fact that throughout the ninety minutes they sang, created chants and noisy and supportive of their team. To remind people in…

I Love You, I Love You Not

Bayern were outspoken critics of the Neymar transfer during the summer yet they tend to forget that they have close ties with Qatar, too. Read more →

British Football League

Tony Blair enjoys some popularity of late. He uses this to issue some thoughts about a British Football League which he once had. A few thoughts on that. Read more →

The Bundesliga through British Eyes

The German Bundesliga is one of the most popular football leagues in Europe. Through British eyes there is a very special appeal to it. Read more →

Insane Stadium Posse

Of late Magdeburg were the target of Schadenfreude. The matter though, is serious and speaks of gross neglect. Imagine your club plays THE game of the season: the derby against the local rival; think Charlton Athletic vs. Crystal Palace; Arsenal vs. Tottenham and you’ll geht the idea. Imagine the atmosphere in the ground. The weeks…

We need to talk about Leipzig

RB Leipzig are top of the league and some people are not happy. However, scapegoats are easy to find. Last weekend the Bundesliga experienced something unusual. For the first time in what must feel like an era, Bayern are no longer top of the league. That’s the part most people would rejoice in. The fact…

The Silence of the DFB

The general assembly of the DFB has shown an organisation deeply mired in controversy and keen on keeping a lid on the most recent past. You

A Cut Prize Manager

After a surprisingly short Euro campaign in which England were beaten by Iceland, the FA, surprise, surprise appointed Sam Allardyce as new manager. While Allardyce has made it clear that he always wanted the job and that it is the best job in English football, the salary for his services is reported to be less…