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We Don’t Wanna Go Up!

Imagine you are a young footballer and you would have the chance to play professional football in one of Germany’s top divsions. Then the club decides, it is not sustainable to go up. What do you? Why is that possible? The news broke last Wednesday (February 12, 2020) that SV Rödinghausen would not apply to…

Hertha Ha, Ha, BSC

After just nine weeks Jürgen Klinsmann ist already on the go again as he decided to walk away from his job as coach at Hertha BSC. Read more →

We will remember?

How does German football remember history? The market leader, Bayern München gives a bad example. Read more →

13 Months in the Life of

Just before the end of the year comes another shock and review of the fate of FC Magdeburg. The year ends with a bombshell. < h3>Rollercoaster It has been a hell of a ride ever since those jolly days in April 2018 when Magdeburg gained promotion from league three to Bundesliga 2. What followed was…

Taking Notes and making Sketches

Taking notes is an important tool for writers of all genres. Recently, one of my notebooks have reached its final page and it is an occasion to show some images of it. Notebook Over the years of writing some texts have seen the light of day. Some were written spontaneously, others took a while to…

Stamp(s) of Authority

Football was the most popular sport in East Germany, something which did not show in the country’s immense output of postal stamps. There are only two stamps showing football. Read more →

Football, Democracy and all that: How to run football

Football is the game of the masses and it should be available for everybody for a reasonable fee either to play, to watch: in the stands or at home/in a pub. Period. This point needs no discussion. There is discussion necessary however, about the way football is being run by its owners. Football in England…

Some Rusty Old Game

While on holiday in the North-West of France I have discovered this old game of table football in a shed next to our accomodation. My son and I regularly engaged in matches which he almost exclusively won. My skills at this game were just as rusty as the set itself. I heavily relied on long…

Not Acceptable

Clemens Tönnies, head of board of directors has made headlines with a racist remark; the consequences are too soft. Football has to stand up to show that such behaviour is no longer acceptable. Read more →

The Eternal Beck

A lot has been said and written – here and elsewhere about the history of FC Magdeburg. Coaches have come and gone as have players. One has been with the club now for seven years, he has seen three head coaches, promotion twice and has been an integral part of the team. Always. There are…