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Intel Inside! Magdeburg and Intel

The news that the American chip producer Intel would open a production site near Magdeburg was one of the best news that happened in 2022. The volume of the investment is estimated to be around 30bn Euro. That is massive and a sincere boost for the region which has seen a lot of unemployment following unification of Germany.

It was therefore only a matter of time before talk would turn towards Intel becoming a sponsor of the sports clubs in and around Magdeburg. In December 2023 the long awaited news finally came: Intel would become a technological partner for FC and SC Magdeburg.


For the football club this means, that the stadium will have reliable a 5G network, the training as well as the scouting will also benefit from the engagement of the chip producers. One detail is quite significant, though: the deal includes the support of a woman’s football team. This is surprising just as it is long overdue. However, FC Magdeburg benefit from already existing structures. Just weeks before the Intel deal became official, the members of the club decided by vote to integrate the women’s team of MFFC, a club established as early as 1991 (since 2003 under its current name). This presents either side with opportunities: FC Magdeburg need to have a women’s team as part of the licensing requirements while MFFC will benefit from the network, the facilities but mostly from the popularity of the name of the club.

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