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The No Shows

The internet is full with World Cup previews either as videos or as blog posts. This posts looks at those teams who will not be there, some are shocking, others surprising. When in a few days time the first match of the World Cup in Russia will be kicking off, some quite prestigious football nations…

Cherish the Moment

A few thoughts on football and technology after witnessing a great goal. Read more →

When Hungary Turned England’s World Upside Down – Interview With George Robb

England hosted Hungary, the reigning Olympic champion at Wembley on the afternoon of November 25, 1953. After the game, the world was turned upside down for the home side. Read more →

Football, Riots, Hypocrisy

The first days of Euro 2016 already gave enough material for discussion. This is the first in a series of observations from the tournament that’s happening right at my door step. According to which media channel you consume, the Euro 2016 so far has been an orgy of violence and riots or been a festival…

Book Review: The Football’s Revolt

Footballs have feelings, too! This is the lesson learned from this book. Read more →

Amateur Soccer: Pay to Play?

Does Amateur Sport demand our attention? A workshop in Cologne suggest that and offers insights into the research into amateur football.</strong White Spots and Dead Angles The amount of money flowing into professional football has become topic of pub discussions in accross Europe as it has reached dimensions that are no longer comprehensible for the…

Football and the Media

Football and media have always had a special relation, a relationship that has undergone several stressful periods and currently is in the midst of re-building. The latest move by Swindon Town speaks of a relationship in break down. Arthur Hopcraft, a distinguished journalist writing for The Observer delivers a telling anecdote about this

That Winning Feeling

It is official! 1.FC Magdeburg are back in professional football and have marked their return with aplomb by winning 2-1 against Rot Wei

The Fun of the Fair: The Watney Cup in the press

Press reflections on the Watney Cup and Match Reports. Read more →

An Innovative Invitation: The Watney Mann Invitation Cup 1970-1973

Between 1970 and 1973 The Watney Mann Cup was a pre-season tournament that was quite revolutionary in some respects. Read more →