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Football’s Coming Home – Debunking a Myth

The slogan „Football’s coming home“ from the song “Three Lions” by Baddiel and Skinner has enlightened the hearts of football fans across the globe for 25 years now.

The song was released in May 1996 just ahead of the European Championships held in England, thus the reasoning that football is coming home. Since it is English in origin, it is little surprise that it is full of references to the past and of course about the history of encounters between the national teams of Germany and England. While this is without doubt one of the most iconic and melodic songs about football, it is questionable wether the message is correct. As the country where modern football has its origins, the claim by England that football is coming home needs to be refuted, however.

Football has no home. Yet it is not homeless. It pops up every day of the week in parks and playing areas the world over and doesn’t care who plays with or against whom as long as a ball is kicked about. If Argentina would win another World Cup, many would argue that football is coming home because again many consider Buenos Aires the home of football with its clubs and fans being very passionate about the game. The same would be said about Brazil and of course, about England.
Yet, none of this is true. Football has no home.

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