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European Cup, Reloaded

A short recap of a pre-season tournament in Magdeburg Read more →

Fire Power

Sometimes success can have negative side effects that essentially could hamper Magdeburg’s progress in the longer term. More can be achieved in taking things easy and a break once in a while. #CFCFCM Read more →

It was one of those days. Magdeburg made the game for most of the 90 minutes. Yet, it was their wastefulness that gave Lichterfelde hope and inevitably, 2 goals. To add insult to injury, the home team were awarded 2 penalties

40 Years – 7 Tears: Fly Me to the Moon 2006-07

The fate of FC Magdeburg told in 7 posts. After the previous ones looked at off pitch failures, this looks at a season that ended in tears as Magdeburg missed out on promotion once more. The history of the club is one of few ups and a few more downs. Sadly, there are more downs…

40 Years – 7 Tears New Millennium + New Money = Success?

In the previous posts of this series the focus was on the history of FC Magdeburg during the 1970s and early 1990s. Arguably, between 1976 and 1989 almost 13 years have passed without major crises. The 90s however, saw the club tumbling from crisis to crisis. This decade began with a huge breakup in East…

40 Years – 7 Tears: The Fall of the Berlin Wall 1990

1964 – 1974 – 1994 – 2004 – 2014 These 5 dates stand for important dates in the history of FC Magdeburg’s history, one of East Germany’s most popular and successful clubs, before and after 1990. After 1990 with an altered omen. In a series of articles, An Old International recounts the history of ‘The…

Common Ground

German top flight football experiences a boom and the foreign media have taken note of it. This post however, looks at three East German clubs which find themselves in one division: the Regionalliga, the fourth division, away from the limelight. All three of them have managed to reach a European Cup Final. Three Finalists When…

Empty Promises

or: Nothing has changed but the surrounding bullshit that has grown; or: Football’s Groundhog Day. Whatever observers and fans of 1. FC Magdeburg will title this period in the club’s history, it appears that bit by bit the promise of a successful future is once more nothing but a fantasy. It has been highlighted last…

The continuing malaise of East German football.

The editorial in the German football magazine Fu