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The Bülter Million

This will be a post that is inevitably influenced by the Corona pandemic that has caused a global standstill. While it is not clear what will happen once the first wave of infections and deaths is over and a possible second wave may ruin our summer, it is clear that there are consequences right now for football that need addressing. A case in point is one of the transfers Magdeburg have done last summer.

The most pressing question is of course: How will this season end? Will it end at all? Will it be postponed to summer? To Autumn? In any case, there will be other questions and issues such as: What happens to the players whose contract end on June 30?

A case study to highlight the point may be a loan transfer from last summer: Marius Bülter has left Magdeburg to play for Union Berlin. The player has the potential, that much is clear. In 20 games he has featured on the pitch in Germany’s top flight he has scored already 7 goals. During his one year spell at Magdeburg he managed four in 32 games. However, comparing 2. Bundesliga and 1. Bundesliga is a bit like comparing apples and pears. Magdeburg have had a slightly misbalanced squad last year and the aftermath of this has not yet been overcome. Yet, Bülter is an exceptional player as he was signed from Rödinghausen, who play in division four to play Bundesliga 2 and doing so without much problems to adapt. Now at Union Berlin it seems, he has found his natural place. Within two years he has jumped from fourth to top division.

It was clear that many players would leave the club in June 2019. Bülter’s loan to Union was a bit of a coup as Magdeburg got €400000 last summer and still hold an option for more money should Bülter really prove his worth. As it stands and under normal circumstances Magdeburg would receive another €1m this summer, making this a spectacular transfer success. However, for a little virus all this seems unclear for now. Magdeburg have managed to save some money but the final instalment of Bülter’s move will be a welcome windfall. In normal circumstances this money would bolster the club’s confidence to sign for the coming season. Now however, the question is, will there be one? And if, how soon?

There are however, other players whose contracts run until the the end of June. In total eleven (11) live through a period of uncertainty, mostly the midfield: Kvesic, Rother, Laprevotte among them. Those who were signed to provide creativity in the centre of the pitch, a problem zone for Magdeburg for quite some time.

Magdeburg and Union Berlin are not alone in this scenario but closer to home there is always this urgency as we do not want to see our colours lose out. The money could save Magdeburg some headache as there is currently no income but expenses exist. Though the club have decided to put their playing on furlough, running costs remain.


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