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Rotterdam Reloaded

No football these days wherever you look. However, fans need their fix. In order to do so and to help their club, the supporters of Magdeburg have come up with a great idea.

What do you do when there is no football? Correct. You watch a lot of old games and revel in past glories of your club, your national team or your favourite player. Fans of Magdeburg have a reputation for being inventive and it is no surprise to hear that they have come up with one great idea to support their club in this day and age: on 8 May 1974 Magdeburg beat Milan in Rotterdam to lift the Cup Winners Cup, thus becoming the only East German club ever to lift a European trophy.

While the Club are some miles away from entering any European competition anytime soon, there will be a similar journey this year to Rotterdam. Virtually it will be this time. That’s the difference. Yep, you have read that correctly: you can choose between €19,74 and €49,74 for your ticket in order to ‘travel’ to Rotterdam to support your club in the biggest game of their history. This way the club will be able to earn some money when there is hardly any other source of income without football being played. All proceeds go to the club.

1974 European Cup Winners' Cup Final programme.jpg
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If all goes to plan, at the end of the campaign there will be a live streaming of the match. At the time of writing there are more than 4000 tickets sold; which is almost as many as there were in person on May 8, 1974. Then, there were about 5000 (the figures differ quite significantly) in de Kuip of Rotterdam making this match one of the worst ever attended European Cup Finals in history.

For more info and to get your ticket, click on the tweet below:

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