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US Creteil Lusitanos – US Quevillaise

US Creteil – US Quevilly

Saturday night saw an entertaining match just on the outskirts of Paris where US Creteil met the team from Normandy, Queville for a Championat de Football National encounter. In an frustrtingly empty ground (350 paying spectators according to the club’s website) a fluid game of football developed which saw the home team edge out a slight advantage during the first half. A just reward followed after only 18 minutes when Dabo ran 30m with the ball towards the visitor’s goal, rounded the keeper and sloted home from 8m. It all looked good for Creteil after the goal but somehow tiredness was palpable and after 28 minutes Quevilly equalized from a corner. To be fair, at this point the draw was deserved for both teams.

Quevilly on fire but Creteil snatch points

The second half was quite the opposite from the first as Quevilly came out of the dressing room on fire, willing to take the game to Creteil which suddenly found themselves on the backfoot and had to rely on their keeper to save them with splendid reactions. After an hour or so, the tempo took its toll, the game got slower and a bit nastier, yet there were only two yellow cards, one for each team. Substitutions on each side further added to the disruption of the flow of the game. Both teams looked to have settled for a draw when the Creteil coach Vasseur brought on Partuche. It was him who scored a nice goal after a fine combination involving six players in a move starting in their own half. His finish from 16 metres hit the inside of the post and went in. The keeper had no chance. It was the last noteworthy action of the game.

Red Star – Paris FC 0-0 / Lyon – PSG 4-4

>With this win Creteil are level on points with Paris FC (35) who played away on Friday at Red Star. The attendance for this game was 1800. Red Star meanwhile remain in mid-table territory, six ahead of the relegation zone but equally far away from Paris FC and the promotion places. This somehow undermines their ambitions to become Paris’ second football club. The first club of the city meanwhile earned a comic result away at Olympique Lyon. They were involved in a 4-4 draw in which Guillaume Hoarau scored two goals, his second in injury time, thus saving PSG from defeat. He has done so twice in two games in a row. The revious weekend he scored the equalizer against Montpellier (2-2) and again last Saturday. Because of his goals PSG are now only one point behind Montpellier who beat Bordeaux 1-0 at home. The league title in France will be most likely decided between PSG and Montpellier as third placed Lille are already six points behind Paris in second place.

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