Pearce and Beckham for England ⋆ An Old International

Pearce and Beckham for England

Stuart ‘Psycho’ Pearce has been named caretaker manager of the England football team after Fabio Capello left earlier this month. While the speculations almost boiled over in the immediate aftermath, there has been time for all involved and the media as well as the football loving English public, to think and to reflect.

Everybody’s favourite: Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp is obviously the ideal candidate as he is English, knows the game and loves it, too. He also appears to be the players’ favourite. There is just one little thing, though. His current club Tottenham Hotspurs won’t like to see him leave immediately and if this season turns out to be successful, i.e. if the league or the FA Cup are won, the club directors might not want ‘Arry to leave at all. This would present the FA with a dilemma. Who would be the successor to Fabio Capello if Redknapp declines the offer?

The duo of Pearce and Beckham in charge of England? Why not?!

For a start, what is wrong with a tandem comprising David Beckham and Stuart Pearce as the men to lead England in the future? Both have represented England at all levels, Pearce has vital experience as a club coach and has been in charge of England’s Under-21 for some reasonable time now. The problem many might see is, that he has not won anything with his teams. Trophies should not be the only standard by which a manager is deemed successful. He has the advantage of already working at the FA and the directors at Wembley only need to promote Pearce to this new role.

The problem comes with Beckham. He so far holds no coaching or management license. Nonetheless, he has always been loyal to his country as a player and he would certainly accept a role in the England camp if offered. Some will certainly see difficulties in him having played with the likes of John Terry and Frank Lampard etc. and could see a danger that he favours his old team mates instead of an urgent renewal of the England team. Further, he lives in Los Angeles and he has put family before football when he declined Paris St. Germain’s offer in January. Yet, J

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