An Innovative Invitation: The Watney Mann Invitation Cup 1970-1973

Penalties are part of the game since 1891, just over 120 years. Yet, penalty shoot outs were introduced much later. The stage was a little known tournament in England that proved to be innovative then. Read more →

The Watney Cup – A Preview

This video clip from 1971 shows how Halifax Town beat Manchester United, THE Manchester United with Law, Best and Charlton, 2-1 at The Shay in the first round of the Watney Mann Invitation Cup. This competition had a life span of only 4 editions but was revolutionary nonetheless. This clip however, is a little teaser for things to come here.

Meeting at the Top: Red Star – Bourg Péronnas

After last week’s mediocre trip to the South, Red Star are hosting second placed Bourg-Péronnas this evening at the Stade Bauer in the top game of this week. Read more →

Moving in Circles

Yesterday’s 1-0 defeat of Manchester City against the Spanish giants Barcelona, saw the last English club eliminated from UEFA’s top competition. Once again, the soul searching has begun. Read more →

Steven Gerrard will leave Liverpool as a Legend

Liverpool are one of the most successful clubs in English football, not least in European football. To date the club have won 5 European Cups, 3 UEFA Cup and as many UEFA Super Cups. Though out of European competition for this year, the end of season will be emotional for The Reds. Read more →

Alsatians or Choucroute? Colmar testing Red Star

The German Shepherd Dog is also named Alsatian in some regions. The breed is known for its reliability but also its aggressiveness. Choucroute meanwhile is a regional dish in the Alsace region, also known in English as white cabbage or Sauerkraut. The visitors tonight Colmar from that very region, without a win in their last 5 games, were to be judged whether they were keeping Red Star in check like a dog does with a herd of sheep or whether they were taken apart, just like raw Sauerkraut. Read more →

TV Review: Virage Nord

Football and fictional television drama rarely go well together. More often than not, the images are too clicheed and the atmosphere is flat to say the least. However, as with all rules there are exceptions. This mini series produced in France and shown on the French-German broadcaster ARTE combines a crime story with a study of the North of France. Read more →

Champions League Match Report: Manchester City – Barcelona

Rumours circulated on Monday that the Manchester United Museum and Tour experience had sold out completely over two whole days. Purportedly, this was due to the influx of FC Barcelona supporters into Manchester for the UEFA Champions League game against cross-town rivals Manchester City. This fact will not bother City supporters in the slightest. Match Report and photos by Stuart Howard-Cofield. Read more →

Red Star FC 93 – Paris FC

The Paris derby. Or what counts as a derby in the City of Light. Moreover, it was the top game of the division this weekend as the visitors from the South of Paris came as leaders of the National, France’s third division and the hosts who are two places behind them. Read more →

Football Online Slots and Video Games

Numerous football related games are released each year for PC, PlayStation 3 & 4, Wii, Xbox 360 & One, 3DS, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. It may seem that the gaming market is saturated with football games but in reality, the fact is that football, is one of the most preferred game for almost every male gamers and a large number of female gamers too, thus the huge demand for such football related video games from various game providers. We have tried two of the most preferred online slots and video games themed on football and tried to analyse what makes them so special. Read more →