Champions League Match Report: Manchester City – Barcelona

Rumours circulated on Monday that the Manchester United Museum and Tour experience had sold out completely over two whole days. Purportedly, this was due to the influx of FC Barcelona supporters into Manchester for the UEFA Champions League game against cross-town rivals Manchester City. This fact will not bother City supporters in the slightest. Match Report by Stuart Howard-Cofield Read more →

Red Star FC 93 – Paris FC

The Paris derby. Or what counts as a derby in the City of Light. Moreover, it was the top game of the division this weekend as the visitors from the South of Paris came as leaders of the National, France’s third division and the hosts who are two places behind them. Read more →

Football Online Slots and Video Games

Numerous football related games are released each year for PC, PlayStation 3 & 4, Wii, Xbox 360 & One, 3DS, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. It may seem that the gaming market is saturated with football games but in reality, the fact is that football, is one of the most preferred game for almost every male gamers and a large number of female gamers too, thus the huge demand for such football related video games from various game providers. We have tried two of the most preferred online slots and video games themed on football and tried to analyse what makes them so special. Read more →

Pioneering Erbstein – Book Review

Dominic Bliss has delivered a seminal study about one of football’s forgotten pioneers: ErnÅ‘ Egri Erbstein. From humble beginnings in Budapest to become a legend of Italian football: Dominic Bliss has retraced Erbstein’s career meticulously.
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Money, Money, Money

Money was said to be funny in a rich man’s world. According to ABBA at least. However, in an ordinary man’s world money means quite a lot. It means continuing the work that has been established over the last four and a half years. This is the idea: keep the blog going and improve the quality of the writing, the research, the topics. Therefore, a little questionnaire has been compiled which i would kindly ask you to take a few moments to complete.

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The Northwest Passage or Agents of Change in Football

For centuries, tradesmen have tried to find the shortest way around the globe in order to increase the speed of trade. Initially, trade by sea was done only by ships traveling close to the coast to stay safe as the wide open seas were unknown. With the development of navigating equipment and the search for new sources of incomes and new markets, the pressure grew to discover what lay ‘behind the sea.’ It was this kind of quest that led Christoph Columbus to set out towards the West to find India. It was first crossed in 1903-1906 by Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and only since 2009 is it navigable throughout the year. Over the last years, many have tried to challenge Sepp Blatter for presidency of FIFA. Two new groups seeking a fresh attempt. Read more →

Money League

For years it has been debated whether or not the European top clubs should form a united Super League in which the best clubs of Europe play each other on a regular basis. It seems this has already been established. The difference, this Super League does not play on a regular football pitch but in a Money League. Each year Deloitte, a financial consulting company compiles a list of the 20 richest football clubs in Europe.


At the top, Real Madrid; they have held the top spot for ten years now – coincidentally, they have won as many European Cups. Just as Real top the table, the Premier League dominates the top 20. No less than eight English clubs are among those chosen few. Interestingly, two new entries Newcastle and Everton are from England. The television deal translates directly into promotion to the Money League. However, both the Magpies and the Toffees are unlikely to win the European Cup.

Interestingly, there is only one club from outside the Top 5 Leagues of Europe: Galatasaray from Istanbul. It underlines the notion that European Football at the top is a closed shop and it is increasingly difficult to break into the top 20, never mention the top 30 or 50.

The report thus further confirms that top football in Europe is already organized in a Super League, albeit in a league dominated by revenue from television, merchandizing and other sources.

Read the full report:

Deloitte Football Money League 2015

Je Suis Charlie

It is ok, to disagree with other opinions.

It is however, not ok to murder those with different opinions.


The Ched Evans Affair–Dividends over Morals

There are days that are best described as black. January 7, 2015 was one such day. Not only were ten journalists killed in an unprecedented attack in Paris. On that day news broke that Oldham Athletic FC were about to sign Ched Evans. Read more →

Christmas Killjoy

Christmas is meant to be a time of joy and warmth. The lights spend a warm glow which is reflected with anticipation in children’s eyes. Christmas markets invite to enjoy a mulled wine or indulge in Christmas sweets. The lottery booths are a death trap for parents’ purses and a well for joy for the kids. Read more →