Fire Power

Sometimes success can have negative side effects that essentially could hamper Magdeburg’s progress in the longer term. More can be achieved in taking things easy and a break once in a while. Read more →

Book Review: The Football’s Revolt

Footballs have feelings, too! This is not the only lesson learned in this short but nonetheless wonderful book. It’s not only for children! Read more →

Footie on the Box: Magdeburg – Halle

What do you do when you can’t attend the biggest game in the season of your team? Exactly, television is the solution. Thanks to the regional broadcaster, matches of Magdeburg have become a regular feature in their programme schedule. This is due to Magdeburg’s performances in the autumn and the atmosphere on the terraces. The local derby on TV. Read more →

Onwards and Upwards!

Before you realize it, the new year is already one week old! Happy New Year dear readers! This year has a lot in store and here is a preview of what is to expect. Read more →

Things taking Shape

The first season in professional football for FC Magdeburg has so far been nothing but a fairy tale. The team surprised everyone with their form and are closer to promotion than relegation. Off the pitch, the club have also made progress. Read more →

PSG Ladies – ASJ Soyaux Match Report

Just before Christmas, there is a first in this blog: a match report from a women’s game: PSG Ladies hosted ASJ Soyaux at Stade Charléty. Read more →

Rearview Mirror 2015

The year 2015 is almost over; time to look back and reflect on another 365 days of football and football writing. A review. Read more →

Fussball Über Alles – Too Much Football?

Earlier this week, the German football journalist Ronald Reng has asked a question that concerns all football fans and supporters. Could it be that there is too much football? Could it be that other sports are pushed away by soccer? Read more →

Soccerama Magazine Review

A new magazine enlightens our football horizon: Soccerama, a magazine for football culture. It entered the scene with aplomb, selling out the first print run in just 3 weeks. Read more →

EURO 2000: The German Phoenix

Germany, winner or the 1996 European Championships qualified for the 2000 edition but failed to win a single game in the tournament and finished behind England, the first time since 1968! This post highlights how this desaster helped to re-boot German football. Read more →