The Ch’tis’ day out in Paris: Racing Club Lens – Paris St. Germain

The Ch’tis are coming to Paris and they were in celebration mood: the atmosphere around and in the Stade de France was almost festive ahead of the match. Lens had swapped their ground for the biggest game in every other club’s season against Paris Saint Germain. The Parisians meanwhile seemed to be in their home neighbourhood in the banlieue of Saint Denis. Read more →

Red Star FC 93 – Marseille Consolat

The team second from top in the table versus the team second from bottom would normally thought to be a no brainer. Life would be boring without surprises. Read more →

Top 5 Football Films of All Time

The only thing that makes a good movie even better is when it involves your favourite sport. If you’re a football fan, you might have seen a few of the great films on this list before. However, if you’ve missed one or two of them, then you have some homework to do! Read more →

The best Dutch side of the 1970’s

Who is the best World Cup winning side of all time? Is it the sublimely skilful Brazilians of 1970 or the stylish Argentineans of 1978? Looking back even further, can the Italian and Uruguayan squads of the 1930’s lay a claim to this particular accolade? Read more →

Editor’s Note

There has been a trend appearing recently: blogs on football that used to provide excellent content are being discontinued for various reasons.
An Old International will also take an extended break. You may have noticed that since July there have been less posts than the usual a-post-a-week. This was initially only seen as a summer break as I did not intend to cover about the World Cup. Well I did anyway but it was not as much as say for the EURO 2012.
Be not alarmed, however. This blog is not going to be discontinued. Rather, the break is necessary now as I am in the midst of finishing my research project. All energy and focus are on this now and I hope to submit my thesis by late September. I have tried to put posts together but my mind drifted off to the editing task of an 80000-word PhD-thesis. Writing 1000+ words on football history or a comment does not go together with a full-time academic task. The exception will be match reports on an unregular basis; I need to get out some times and also guest posts which will be highlighted. Anything else will have to wait. I have forbidden myself to save any drafts except for hand written ones. My notepad is seeing some ideas develop; sprinkled on it with my Waterman.
Over the past six years my research has accompanied me like a good friend and a pain in the back side at the same time. I want it to remain a friend and a source of inspiration for An Old International. Seeing it coming to an end will be a relief. It will open up capacities to research more on topics hitherto not covered here. Hence this break.
There are ideas for the future, rest assured. An Old International will not vanish.

My dear readers, be patient. Thanks for your comprehension and your trust.

Red Star FC – Vendée Luçon – Match Report

Match day 2 in the Championat National saw Red Star welcome Vendée Luçon at the Stade Bauer for this season’s home debut. After the away defeat at Amiens, Les Audoniens found themselves in a position they were all too familiar with: with their back to the wall. Read more →

A Stylish Finish

It did not come as a big surprise; in fact it was inevitable: Miroslav Klose has retired from the German national team. Read more →

One, Two, Three, Four

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is history and finished with a final worth the competition. The general opinion is that Germany are worthy winners. It has shed a light on the state of Brazilian football and will enter the history books as one of the better tournaments of our age. Read more →

World Cup 1954 – David Vs Goliath: Except David Had Studs…

Sixty years ago Germany won the World Cup for the very first time. That feat doesn’t seem so impressive nowadays; Die Mannschaft have become a force to be reckoned with on the international stage, going on to lift the trophy twice more, and this year they are once again expected to do well in Brazil. Read more →

40 Years – 7 Tears: Quo Vadis FC Magdeburg 2014?

Since Magdeburg have won the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1974 40 years have passed; years during which the club has not seen the best of times. Since 1989 the club appears to be in a loop of promotion, insolvency and scandals. ‘Quo Vadis?’ thus seems to be the appropriate question in 2014. Read more →