4 Days – 4 Matches: Telehopping

Four matches in as many days: what normally only happens during major tournaments every two years, was my goal in the last week of August. A rare English week in the third division made it possible. Read more →

FC Oberlausitz Neugersdorf vs. TSG Neustrelitz Match Report

It is late August and summer is coming to a close. Before another season bows out it bid its final farewell and offered all power left. The temperatures were around 30 degrees, no one really wants to play football in these conditions. Neugersdorf and Neustrelitz made the best of it, however. Read more →

It was one of those days. Magdeburg made the game for most of the 90 minutes. Yet, it was their wastefulness that gave Lichterfelde hope and inevitably, 2 goals. To add insult to injury, the home team were awarded 2 penalties – 2 chances presented on a silver plate to Axel Domine – alas, they were wasted. And the fate was sealed: Magdeburg were condemned to 4th division football for the time being.

This is an extract from an article of mine that will be published in the newest issue of the Football Pink.

A Footnote

Paris St. Germain are just a small number in relative terms. Read more →

Football and the Media

Football and media have always had a special relation, a relationship that has undergone several stressful periods and currently is in the midst of re-building. The latest move by Swindon Town speaks of a relationship in break down. Read more →

Red Star – US Creteil: Instead of a Match Report

With Red Star starting their season against US Creteil Lusitanos today, there should have been a match report here. Instead something else has to fill this space. Read more →

That Winning Feeling

It is official! 1.FC Magdeburg are back in professional football and have marked their return with aplomb by winning 2-1 against Rot Weiß Erfurt. The victory may have been lucky; the winning goal came in the 90th minute. A pretty victory or an ugly one, deserved or not. It is secondary. The great Brian Glanville once noted about West Germany beating England in 1968 for the first time ever:

A win is a win.

He was right then and his quote proves to be just as valid today.

More than 20000 people came to enjoy the game and the majority of them left the ground happy. It is a start that could not have been better.

The fans have established a reputation of being creative and funny and once more they worked hard for this choreography. FC Magdeburg may play third division, this atmosphere and such effort are first class.

West Ham on verge of a new Era?

There is a sense of optimism in East London around the Boleyn Ground. A new manager, soon a new stadium. West Ham are entering a new era. Read more →

High Flying Wales

Wales achieve top 10 FIFA ranking for the first time. Read more →

Argentina’s Final Blues Continues

As Chile celebrate their first continental title, questions will be raised about Argentina’s capability in big finals.The World Cup 2014 and now the final at Copa América were lost not because they were outplayed but outfought. Read more →