Expectation, Anticipation

With most clubs training again and first test matches played, fans across Europe are full with excitement for the new season. A plea to take a step back and relax and recover from a long and strenuous season. Read more →

Will Harry Kane Become the ‘Next Rooney’ for United as Speculation Grows?

A speculative post on Manchester United’s summer transfer activities. Read more →

Good United, Bad United

Which United is the good one, which is the bad one? Manchester United or FC United of Manchester? One could live without the other. Could the other? A question of perspective and attitude. Read more →

The Old Lady on the road to Berlin

Almost ten years after Calciopoli, Juve are back among the top clubs in Europe. They have been relegated and stripped off their titles. A remarkable come back. Read more →

Artificial Grass in World Football

Despite the troubles FIFA finds itself in these days, there is still football to be played that should not be forgotten: The Women’s World Cup 2015 in Canada is about to kick off on Saturday. However, it comes with a dispute: Should football be played on artificial grass? Read more →

Money Dreams

The sources of income for football clubs are various and valuable. Once gate figures and advertisement were the staples of income for football clubs. In the 21st century, television and merchandise have replaced them. Read more →

The End of an Era

How to celebrate promotion and leave the fans out of it is what Red Star’s directors thought best at Stade Bauer. Read more →

Get the Party started

There was no need to, not today for Red Star have won promotion two weeks ago with a four-nil victory over Istres. This final match against Amiens SC at the Stade Bauer will be icing on the cake. Read more →

Nomen Est Omen?

The names of football clubs are a serious matter, one would think. Indeed, in East Germany football clubs have all kinds of name affix depending on their main ‘sponsor.’ The following is a short description of the Dynamos and Motors, Lokomotives and Rotations. Read more →

Support An Old International

Writing is fun and it should remain that way. For almost five years I have now explored football, culture and history and there is more to come for sure. I do not intend to pack it in.

I have started this blog with the intention of keeping my English as fluent as possible since I was no longer living in England but needed English on a daily basis and was also researching for a PhD thesis. This has been successful. The thesis has been accepted by DeMontfort University, Leicester and I can now call myself Dr. Wagner.

However, having achieved this I practically do not need to continue this blog? Wrong! I do want to continue but I need your help. While still researching for my thesis I could not have envisaged a blog becoming a source of income. And yet, this is what has happened over the last year and a half. It began with a request for paid content from a third party to be included in the blog. These are still regular features and I will continue to post them if the topic is interesting. Yet, these are too unreliable to call them an income and more often than not I feel I am cheating on my readers in posting something that i haven’t written in my name.

Here is where you, my dear readers, can help me. Support this little blog of mine that has seen more than 240 posts in almost five years of its existence.

I do have ideas what to cover but I know that more research is required for that. Therefore, I have included a pop-up window that will re-direct you to pay pal to leave a tip or something more substantial. Moreover, i also would like to see the content being shared in as many networks as possible. Tell people that you have supported An Old International and why.

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