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Hertha Ha, Ha, BSC

After just nine weeks Jürgen Klinsmann ist already on the go again as he decided to walk away from his job as coach at Hertha BSC. Read more →

Capital Football

Leonardo, the football director at Paris St. Germain since 2011 was quoted in the Blizzard (issue four, p. 52) that Paris is THE only European capital that has not won the European Cup, i.e. the Champions League. Neither has any team from Berlin or Prague or Roma won this particular trophy but these cities are…

Capital Football: Berliner AK 07 – Hertha BSC II 1:1

Berlin, Poststadion. Not far away from Berlin’s shiny new main station, located in Moabit does the Poststadion offer a look back into the old Berlin. A modern athletic track is surrounded by terraces and a stand that have seen better days; worse was the immediate surrounding just behind the ground where there were nothing but…