Capital Football: Berliner AK 07 - Hertha BSC II 1:1 ⋆ An Old International

Capital Football: Berliner AK 07 – Hertha BSC II 1:1

Berlin, Poststadion. Not far away from Berlin’s shiny new main station, located in Moabit does the Poststadion offer a look back into the old Berlin. A modern athletic track is surrounded by terraces and a stand that have seen better days; worse was the immediate surrounding just behind the ground where there were nothing but overgrown and unused land. It certainly did not look like the centre of Berlin. The home club also enjoy a guaranteed crowd at every home game as a prison has windows towards the pitch and surely some inmates are watching.

Small Berlin Derby

Despite these surroundings football was played and it was the ‘small’ Berlin derby between Berliner AK 07 and Hertha BSC‘s second outfit that offered some entertaining football in the first half. BAK had more of the ball and took the game to Hertha’s young boys and yet it was the latter who opened the scoring after a miscommunication between defence and keeper left Tunay Torun with a scoring chance, which he skilfully took. So often in football the team on the back foot scored just because they see a glimpse of a chance but that little glimpse just might make the difference between the two teams at the end of the season.

Hertha held on

Hertha held their lead until half time. For the second period the game has become a very different one as BAK was now expected to make the game and eventually open up their defence, thus offering chances for Hertha. That was the obvious situation but it turned out that BAK found their way back into the game

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