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Losing the Battle – Winning Hearts

Magdeburg may have been beaten thoroughly, their fans have impressed however.

It was not only the show just before kick-off when the teams came onto the pitch, it was moreover and more importantly the fact that throughout the ninety minutes they sang, created chants and noisy and supportive of their team. To remind people in the ground that Magdeburg have a bit of European Cup history the announcer stood in the centre circle in a white bath robe, reminiscent of 1974 when the Cup Winners’ Cup team wore similar clothes after the final whistle.

The past does not count anything and Magdeburg were made aware of this during the match in which it never appeared as though they could score a goal. Dortmund, even without Götze and Aubameyang were simply too quick too superior on all accounts that the surprise that everyone has secretly hoped for did not materialize.

The team were celebrated not just by a few but the whole ground stood up and cheered them AFTER the final whistle. Even the Dortmund coach acknowledged this scenery and labelled the fans fantastic. Further accolade came from England where the Sun spoke of

“a terrifying show”

to test the mettle of Peter Bosz’ side. If even a paper as dubious in nature as The Sun covers Magdeburg, it seems the fans of the Blue and Whites are doing a lot of things right at the moment. The Daily Mail wrote that the display was menacing and continued that Dortmund’s supporters consider themselves crazy but on Tuesday night were given

“a run for their money by their German Cup opposition Magdeburg”

The run did not happen as has been said and the result is clear, even though Magdeburg have conceded one or two goals too many in that game. However, the team played to their ability which meant to prevent an early goal which could have happened as soon as the fourth minute. They have had a few shots on goal themselves but never were troublesome for Dortmund.

Nonetheless, Magdeburg have done themselves proud on and off the pitch. Now the focus is back on the league and the leitmotiv should be

Onwards and Upwards

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