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Dilly-Ding, Dilly Dong!

What a season it has been for Leicester City! Written off a year ago as they were bottom of the table and secured their Premier League survival only rivaled by Fulham’s great escape a few years previous under Roy Hodgson and now they are crowned Premier League champions! Centres of Industry As an inhabitant of…

The Stolen Game

FIFA have stolen the game from England! So said Sir Dave Richards at conference today. What a pleasure to read Sir Dave Richards comments on the origins of the game! If there was need to prove that the governing body of English football, The FA along with the Premier League, of which Richards is the…

London Calling

The news of Lukas Podolski

London Calling

The news of Lukas Podolski

Clubs in Crisis, pt.2

It has been highlighted elsewhere on this blog that small football clubs are suffering while bigger clubs get ever richer. That process has accelerated with the arrival of pay per view television and heavy marketing of the game at the top level. Yet those small clubs struggling to make ends meet should be the focus…


What happens once football players decide it’s time to call it a day? There seem to be a number of options they can choose from. George Best opened a boutique while German World Cup winner of 1954 Horst Eckel returned to his trained job as a teacher and even as a pensioner is working with…

Again and again…Football Groundhogday Moments

England’s Under-17 national team lost to Germany 3-2 in the quarterfinal of the World Cup currently held in Mexico, forty-one years after the senior squad lost to Germany on the same score, although in 1970 it was after extra time and England squandered a 2-0 lead. The score in the junior’s game was close as…

Football and Democracy

This headline might evoke thoughts about FIFA and their dubious British model where the owners consider clubs as assets for their own benefit and thus certainly are not interested in having anyone without their “business background” interfere while they are making money. Because of that clubs change owners every once in a while or three…

European Round Up

Juventus Turin, Borussia Dortmund,

PSG vs. Stade Rennes Match Report

Match report PSG vs. Stade Rennes on Sunday 19 September 2010 at Parc des Princes. Read more →