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John Motson, 1945 – 2023

Some classic John Motson commentary. Two matches of football which Motson commentated on and which have engrained themselves in memory for various reasons. Enjoy. Germany’s Wurst Nightmare, 2001 This is a classic match: for one team it was a nightmare, for the other it was the beginning of a dream that come to an end…

The Return of the Real Nr 9

In a very good match of football, Germany cam back from one goal down to level the score by Niclas Füllkrug who is an out and out centre forward – a real number nine that has been missing since the retirement of Miroslav Klose. 🤓 #ESPGER— Olis Cartoons (@OlisCartoons) November 28, 2022 By coincidence…

Review: Halb Vier, No. 4

The market for football magazines of all sorts is huge with new titles emerging regularly, promising the best writing we’ve never heard of paired with some stunning layout and imagery. Halb Vier isn’t that new, issue four is being discussed here but it is the focus on Germany that offers a difference. If there is…

If this is football

The last few weeks have been revealing and testing. Testing as the Corona pandemic has forced the world to a stand still, has made us re-think our daily habits like shaking hands, high fiving, the famous French ‘bisous’ and worst of all attending football matches with tens of thousands of other people. In this respect…

Not Acceptable

Clemens Tönnies, head of board of directors has made headlines with a racist remark; the consequences are too soft. Football has to stand up to show that such behaviour is no longer acceptable. Read more →

A Sporting Tsushima: Russia vs. Germany 1912

A brief report on the first international match between Germany and Russia in 1912 during the Olympic Games in Stockholm Read more →

The Battle of Gothenburg 1958

The semi-final between Sweden and West Germany during the 1958 World Cup has had reverberations that no one could have thought of. Read more →

Germany – England September 1987: Football in the Dark Ages

Thirty years ago West Germany were hosting England who had come with a burden to Düsseldorf to play a friendly match: The valley Parade and Heysel tragedies had shed a bad light on English football. The match served as a testing ground for either team to see where they stood a year before the European…

Germany’s World Cup Goals

Ever wondered who scored all these goals for Germany at the World Cup? The video shows in roughly 62 minutes every goal scored since 1954. There is one omission though, East Germany beat West Germany in 1974 and the goal is missing. Besides this arguably disputable fact this is a very good collection.

Sporting Heroes: Paul Breitner – The Revolutionary German?

Paul Breitner has divided opinions in Germany like no other. A genius of a player, he once flirted with Marxism and sported an Afro. Leslie Crang, an Arsenal supporter from London looks back at the career of one of his sporting heroes. The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed…