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John Motson, 1945 – 2023

Some classic John Motson commentary. Two matches of football which Motson commentated on and which have engrained themselves in memory for various reasons. Enjoy.

Germany’s Wurst Nightmare, 2001

This is a classic match: for one team it was a nightmare, for the other it was the beginning of a dream that come to an end in autumn 2007. However, this match at Munich 2001 was also vindication for England for their defeat at Wembley in spring 1972. This match thus was the end of ’30 years of hurt’.

England – Argentina, 2005

The second is a match which ends in a superb climax and Motson’s voice almost topples in excitement as England beat Argentina 3-2 in a friendly match in Geneva in autumn 2005.

image credit: gordonflood, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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