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FC Magdeburg – VFC Plauen Match Report

Magdeburg’s chances for promotion have received a knock last week when they were defeated by Neustrelitz, who deserve to be top of the league. The visitors, Plauen, had nothing to lose as they are safe from relegation and have nothing to do with promotion either. Nonetheless, it was an entertaining match on a wonderful sunny…

Does bigger mean better?

The Euro 2012 was the last tournament to be played out with 16 teams. In four years time, when the gravy train stops in France there will be 24 teams competing for European football glory. However, Michel Platini seems to go even a step further in 2020. The Euro is growing The obvious point is…

Germany learn the hard way

  Germany had to learn a bitter lesson yesterday: that a game of football lasts 90 minutes, not just 60. The One Hour Magicians Certainly almost everyone would agree that Germany played some very good football against Sweden last night and deservedly led 4-0 after 55 minutes. The fluidity of movement between Reus, Kroos, M

Juri Schl

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Given a Game of Football

[typography font=”Alike” size=”14″ size_format=”px”]Austria took the game to the Germans and were almost rewarded for their efforts. Marko Arnautovic will ask himself serious questions as to how he could miss an open goal from 6 metres out. More questions will have to be asked by Jogi L

Austria vs Germany: A Century of Rivalry pt. 2

[typography font=”Alike” size=”14″ size_format=”px”]While part 1 of this history of the Austro-German football rivalry looked at events more than 50 years ago, this part will focus on games of the more recent past: the World Cup matches in 1978 and 1982 as well as the European Championship match in 2008.[/typography] [typography font=”Alike” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]The Infamy…

Austria vs. Germany: A Century of Rivalry pt. 1

[typography font=”Alike” size=”14″ size_format=”px”]When Austria and Germany meet in their World Cup qualifier on Tuesday, both nations can look back on 100 years of football history from a very different perspective. Part 1 will look at the games 1912 and 1938. [/typography] [typography font=”Alike” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]It began with a Controversy: 1912[/typography] [typography font=”Alike” size=”14″ size_format=”px”]It…

28 July 1962: The birth of the Bundesliga

It is just 50 years ago that at a meeting of the DFB in Dortmund the Bundesliga was born. On July 28 1962, 129 men who had something to say in German football decided with their feet: 103 pro only 26 against this new and unified league. Exactly 100 years after the English FA was…

The Curse of the Golden Generation

[typography font=”Crimson Text” size=”16″ size_format=”px”]Raphael Honigstein has used the phrase

When scoring is not enough

Germany beat Portugal 1-0 last Saturday thanks to a header from Mario Gomez, Germany’s best scorer in the Champions League this season. Despite his fine header, the man himself still faces severe criticism back home. An analysis. A Golden Future? German football of 2012 praises itself for having a golden future. This is a major…