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One, Two, Three, Four

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is history and finished with a final worth the competition. The general opinion is that Germany are worthy winners. It has shed a light on the state of Brazilian football and will enter the history books as one of the better tournaments of our age. Worthy Winners The World…

Four is the Magic Number

The biggest sporting event in June/July 2014 saw Germany emerging as worthy winners. Worthy, because their development over the past decade has been very positive. The team has evolved enormously since the exit of the group stages of the Euro 2004 in Portugal. This was Germany’s 4th title and if certain criteria are met, there’ll be another World Cup win within the next quarter century.
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FairPlayLiga – Interview with Ralf Klohr

Earlier this year, a report at The Inside Left reported about a specially designed football league for children. This involved the introduction of simple rules into kids’ football. The success was surprising and overwhelming. Ralf Klohr, mastermind behind the FairPlayLeague answered a few question about his reasons and motivations. Get Things Rolling The Fair Play…

Football is for You and Me

Football Discourse in Germany. German football is currently engaged in a debate about football tradition. Reason for this is the rise of RB Leipzig, a club sponsored mainly, if not exclusively by Austrian sugar drink manufacturer Red Bull. The discussion has shown a huge rift among the football public as the following will highlight. The…

FC Magdeburg – VFC Plauen Match Report

Magdeburg’s chances for promotion have received a knock last week when they were defeated by Neustrelitz, who deserve to be top of the league. The visitors, Plauen, had nothing to lose as they are safe from relegation and have nothing to do with promotion either. Nonetheless, it was an entertaining match on a wonderful sunny…

Goals, Goals, Goals

Richard Gutjahr, an articulate German journalist who established his reputation for experimenting with all things online, once summarized the relationship of the Germans and the internet thus: It’s complicated. It is indeed, if one reads the statistics Gutjahr presents. The generation older than 45 years fears that with the internet a general trend to stultify society has commenced. Its’ not just the social anxiety towards the internet, it appears German football also does not embrace new technology.

During a meeting of all executives of Germany’s 36 professional football clubs the introduction of goal line technology such as Hawk Eye as it is used in the Premier League was voted against. The reasons given: too expensive and not technically sound, yet. Read more →

How to Assess Strength

Is the German Bundesliga really the strongest league as it is often declared?


Once more German football is engaged in a debate about the behaviour of fans. The reason:

Switch off your TV – Save your Local FC

Football is a money machine given the figures earned by the top clubs in Europe and the rest of the world. Beyond the lime light of the Bundesliga the situation is very different, up to a point where it becomes threatening for many clubs.

Football in the West

The new season will have plenty in store for football fans. The Regionalliga West, Germany’s regionalized 4th division will be an interesting one. The division will see many second outfits of Bundesliga teams playing for points. The more interesting point about this league this season will be that there are 8 clubs who once played…