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Here We Go Again

This season was, at the beginning, one for dusting off and preparing for promotion to Bundesliga 2 in a few years’ time. Ten months, a pandemic and 31 games later, this season has turned into a nightmare. Magdeburg have hired and fired two coaches this season, making the club resemble its former incarnation between 1995…

Book Review: Inside Zlatan’s Skin

A comic book review about Zlatan Ibrahimovic who played for Paris and was an icon with the fans of PSG. Reading in Confinement In these times any distraction is welcome. France will see the second week of confinement come to an end this Sunday and the most difficult part of it, is to stay indoors…

Book Review: Frozen in Time

The Wonderful Randomness of the European Cup Winners’ Cup. We live in an age where our past may soon be forgotten due to shortening attention spans and a plethora of platforms demanding immediate responses. It is therefore even more important that the history of one of football’s great tournaments has been written. And surely many…

World Cup Review

This year’s Women’s World Cup was hoped to be the best ever. This is possibly what has been said and will be said about past and future tournaments. More accurately, a World Cup can give a glimpse into the state of the game. And there is still some work to do. This review will look…

Never, Never, Never Give Up

Why it would be foolish to sack Jens Härtel Read more →

Book Review: And sometimes the dog was busy

A player’s biography who has spent his entire career in non league football in England. Read more →

No Winners, Just Losers

A reflection of the affair surrounding Mesut Özil and a photo taken in May and its repercussions on German football. Read more →

World Cup Heroes for Kids – Review

The world cup is upon us and with it come many books and special editions of magazines. The extent is tiring and it’s difficult to find something interesting in that sea of publications. Something rather different is a series of books published by John Blake Books with their Ultimate Football Heroes series which is edited…

Tschutti – Collecting for a good Cause

Every tournament is accompanied with tons of memorabilia: books, shirts, scarves and of course: the compulsory Panini Album. As always there are alternatives and one of them is giving part of the money to a good cause. It’s the World Cup and for weeks and months the excitement has been rising, largely due to the…

Book Review: From Dehli to the Den

Book review discussing Stephen Constatine’s biography co-written by Owen Amos. Read more →