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Dawning Of A New Era?

The search for a new coach has lasted a mere three days – given the urgency precious time – but the result is a bang and immediately raises the level of hope among supprters.

Habemus Exercitorus1! Magdeburg have found a new coach and it is someone no one really had on their watch. Christian Titz is the one chosen to save Magdeburg from harm, i.e. relegation. The brief is simple yet tough: win as many points as possible, ideally more than 26 in the remaining 16 matches. This means a points average of 1.625 per game. In his career the average figure is 1.65 – giving hope to the desperate supporters who have seen their club go to the heights of the 2. Bundesliga only to be entangled in a relegation battle for the third consecutive season.

Christian Titz has reputation for playing attacking football, often wishing to have up to eight players in the opponent’s half to press and counterpress. however, he inherits a squad that is deeply insecure and divided. Therefore, the pressure is high from day one. It remains to be seen if he can do relegation battle.

A New Signature

The signing of Titz is now the second act of the new sporting director, Otmar Schork. Since his arrival he has signed two players who immediately have made an impact and helped restroe the climate among the team. Many names have been dropped, most of them labelled the usual suspects. They have worked in this division for several years, at different clubs with varying success. Even coaches were dealt who had no experience in this division but the one below only, raising fears that the board have given up on division three and openly started planning for a return to the amateur camp.

It is therefore very refreshing to see that Schork could pull off a surprise here and present Christian Titz. It is a sign that he is pulling his weight to move the club forward and most importantly, away from the drop zone. Titz has signed a contract until 2022 that is only valid for the third division.

This is the dawning of a new era

Good writing does not come by chance, so consider this:

  1. This of course is Latin and means ‘we have a new coach!’, see: http://www.latin-dictionary.net/definition/19738/exercitor-exercitoris

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