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A Sporting Tsushima: Russia vs. Germany 1912

A brief report on the first international match between Germany and Russia in 1912 during the Olympic Games in Stockholm Read more →

The Battle of Gothenburg 1958

The semi-final between Sweden and West Germany during the 1958 World Cup has had reverberations that no one could have thought of. Read more →

Uruguay: A Past That Promotes The Glory Dream

The World Cup is upon us. Everyone who is in the slightest interested in football will tune in and watch, discuss and remember. Juan Carlos Luzuriaga is a Uruguayan and describes what the history and the present have in store for Uruguayan football and football fans. When there are still a few days left until…


A short personal text about FC Magdeburg securing promotion to Bundesliga 2 next season. Read more →

The Curious Case of Major the Dog

A little film from December 1973 depicting the history of Newton Heath Read more →

When Hungary Turned England’s World Upside Down – Interview With George Robb

England hosted Hungary, the reigning Olympic champion at Wembley on the afternoon of November 25, 1953. After the game, the world was turned upside down for the home side. Read more →

Germany – England September 1987: Football in the Dark Ages

Thirty years ago West Germany were hosting England who had come with a burden to Düsseldorf to play a friendly match: The valley Parade and Heysel tragedies had shed a bad light on English football. The match served as a testing ground for either team to see where they stood a year before the European…

Overcoming the Nightmare: When Dortmund beat Juve 1997

It must rankle Bayern and their supporters seeing other teams win in their stadium. Moreover, it must be painful for them to see their rivals Dortmund coming to the city and worse, celebrating. For Borussia Dortmund to win in Munich meant to overcome their footballing nightmare of the 1990s. Dortmund vs. Juve in the 1990s…

That Familiar Feeling

The third division in Germany is the place of drama. At least on the final day of this season. Theoretically, Magdeburg still had chances to win promotion via the diversion of play-off. However, it was a last-minute goal that burst the bubble. After coming so close again, fans and friends of FC Magdeburg will re-discover…

8 May 1974: FC Magdeburg – AC Milan

Fans of FC Magdeburg will have a spring in their walk today as May 8 marks the day of their club’s greatest success: winning the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1974 against none other than AC Milan, holders of the cup and giant of Italian football. On paper the matter was clear. Nothing but a success…