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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Oilver Bierhoff is never too far away from controversy. This time he aims at the German third division with some ridiculous ideas. Read more →


An initial stock taking after 11 games in Liga 3 in Germany where Magdeburg appear to look for their momentum. Read more →

Jatta for Germany?

For a month the football press and the fans were witnessing a debate that has many observers left shaking their heads. It went way beyond football and could have far reaching consequences not just for football but society as a whole. What has happened? The Allegation In 2015 a young man called Bakery Jatta came…

Orwell and Football

Most people will be familiar with Orwell’s famous statement about football being another means of war which he postulated in an article in The Tribune in 1945 after Dynamo Moscow came to the UK to play a number of friendly games. Orwell’s own experiences of the game are quite different, though they originate from a…

Hugh McIlvanney on the World Cup 1966

What follows is a collection of quotes by Hugh McIlvanney who has passed away this week on the World Cup tournament 1966, held in England. More than 50 years ago The Observer, England’s oldest Sunday paper assembled a team of five writers to cover the 1966 World Cup in England. The team were Hugh McIlvanney,…

The Miracle of the Grotenburg

There are games that are embedded in football folklore, even more than thirty years later. One of these games happened Krefeld, a town not known for its footballing exploits. Yet, in the 1980s the local team FC Bayer 05 Uerdingen were a force to be reckoned with. In March 1986 they hosted East German side…

A Sporting Tsushima: Russia vs. Germany 1912

A brief report on the first international match between Germany and Russia in 1912 during the Olympic Games in Stockholm Read more →

The Battle of Gothenburg 1958

The semi-final between Sweden and West Germany during the 1958 World Cup has had reverberations that no one could have thought of. Read more →

Uruguay: A Past That Promotes The Glory Dream

The World Cup is upon us. Everyone who is in the slightest interested in football will tune in and watch, discuss and remember. Juan Carlos Luzuriaga is a Uruguayan and describes what the history and the present have in store for Uruguayan football and football fans. When there are still a few days left until…


A short personal text about FC Magdeburg securing promotion to Bundesliga 2 next season. Read more →