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8 May 1974: FC Magdeburg – AC Milan

Fans of FC Magdeburg will have a spring in their walk today as May 8 marks the day of their club’s greatest success: winning the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1974 against none other than AC Milan, holders of the cup and giant of Italian football. On paper the matter was clear. Nothing but a success…

Derby Without Fans

It goes without saying that football is nothing without fans. The derbies more often than not are the highlight of the season for many clubs and their supporters. This Sunday sees a new edition of the biggest derby in French football: Paris – Marseille. This time though, this will be a special derby. There won’t…

Red Star 120

A very short video message to mark the anniversary of one of France’s most popular clubs: Red Star. Il était une fois… #RedStar120 par REDSTARFC On February 21, 1897 four friends and a certain Jules Rimet set up a club that was following humanistic ideals and despite the bourgeoise background of Rimet became hugely popular…

Reinhard Häfner 1952 – 2016

Reinhard Häfner, who has passed away Sunday 24. October 2016 was one of the finest players in East German football. He was a key player at the Montreal Olympics and led Dresden to their last title in 1990. The Olympic Stadium in Montreal was not yet finished when the Olympic Games started in the summer…

Germany’s World Cup Goals

Ever wondered who scored all these goals for Germany at the World Cup? The video shows in roughly 62 minutes every goal scored since 1954. There is one omission though, East Germany beat West Germany in 1974 and the goal is missing. Besides this arguably disputable fact this is a very good collection.

Sporting Heroes: Paul Breitner – The Revolutionary German?

Paul Breitner has divided opinions in Germany like no other. A genius of a player, he once flirted with Marxism and sported an Afro. Leslie Crang, an Arsenal supporter from London looks back at the career of one of his sporting heroes. The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed…

Muhammad Ali

The greatest boxer of all time, the most excellent man as Bob Dylan has described him, has had an opinion about a particular English football manager, Brian Clough. image credits: National Archief via WikiCommons under CC BY-SA 3.0 nl

The Dryborough Cup

Pre-season tournaments have their benefits. Even more so when they try to be innovative and tread on new ground. Little over a year ago, there was a lengthy piece about the Watney Man Cup, a pre-season tournament, that was staged in England in the 1970s. It was an attempt to initiate some tension before the…

When the Germans Invaded Derbyshire

Once more I have contributed to the Football Pink. Here is an extract from the article.

There is little about the World Cup final of 1966 that has not been said or written already. Coverage of the tournament in England has largely been dominated by fact that one of the most contentious decisions in world football gave the host nation the title. Little is known however, about the relations the Germans have had with the inhabitants of a little village where they stayed during the competition: Ashbourne, Derbyshire. It turns out that the Germans were rather liked by their temporary hosts.

The issue, the twelfth already is available in print and can be purchased from the magazine’s website. It is only £3.00 and packed to the rafters with good content. So what are you waiting for?

Grafters vs Artists: Magdeburg – Dresden

FC Magdeburg vs. Dynamo Dresden: one of the biggest games in German football currently. #FCMSGD Read more →