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How much hope left?

Another match day and another defeat. This time after being the better team. Zero points are the cruel reality for Magdeburg.

This season is rapidly approaching the period when matches can be counted on two hands – there are fourteen matches left – and when those who may go up have established a gap of certain points and those likely to go down see the distance between the drop and safety anxiously, slowly but steadily growing.

Thankfully, are Magdeburg not THAT far behind yet – only three points – and the forthcoming games are almost exclusively against teams from the lower half of the table. There are still 39 points to be won of which Magdeburg need 25 to reach 46, the figure most say will secure third division status. This paired with slightly improved performances are the only rays of hope.

The coming month will be crucial again, just like January has been important. Except Mannheim, all opponents are in the lower half of the table and in fact are in danger of going down: Viktoria Köln, Kaiserslautern and Bayern 2. This is the programme for March. In the first leg of the season, Magdeburg gathered four points against these opponents, a figure that will not be enough this time; eight to ten should be the target. Magdeburg need a run of several games unbeaten. This will lift morale and suddenly decisions that seemed impossible might just come their way. This of course is one way of dealing with the latest defeat away at Wiesbaden. A promising performance yet once more empty hands are the yield of this away trip.

It is not too late, however the chances are dwindling. By the end of March, there will be as many matches left as there are on two hands: ten. Thence will begin the countdown.

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