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Wearying Football

To find something positive in Magdeburg’s game, we need to look at the table because on the pitch there was not so much to talk about.

The first game of seven in a condensed period of time was a 1-1 that serves no one. There are some positives. Magdeburg are no longer last in the table as Duisburg lost away at Ingolstadt. Bayern’s reserves also lost, which means the gap is down to three points for the first non-relegation place. That’s not an ocean yet still a considerable gap to close. However, with two games in hand, the first being played Tuesday January, 12, there is a chance Magdeburg might pull themselves out of this – themselves. And with a little help from there is a chance that this week may see Magdeburg climb above the line marking the drop zone.

If the football remains but the results go Magdeburg’s way, no one will complain. If either goes awry, well …

Next up, Saarbrücken at home.

Games: 1/7
Points: 1/21

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