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Choreo or not Choreo

What is a choreography? What is not? Dynamo Dresden have set the bar high for other clubs to show their support.

Last Saturday the fans and supporters of Dynamo Dresden wrote history by unfurling a banner that covered the whole of the ground. The whole of their ground? No, only the away end was left uncovered.

It took them more than 2 years to create this banner, cost around €20000. It’s 450m long, the longest in Europe. It was an immense effort, the more it is an honour that this banner was presented when two of the most popular clubs of East Germany played: Dynamo Dresden hosted FC Magdeburg. Between them these two have won more than 10 league titles as well as almost 15 Cups. Dresden, sitting comfortably at the top of the league with 38 points have the highest attendance so far this season: 27000. They are followed by Magdeburg with 18000. It needs to be added here that the visitors were promoted and are still trying to find their way in this new professional environment.

For some however, this was not a choreography at all but nothing but a banner, covering the whole of the ground. Others meanwhile saw a perfect cover so that no one from Dresden is visible. This latter comment aims at PEGIDA, a movement that is open xenophobic and has a strong foothold in Dresden. Besides this political comment what has to be acknowledged is that a lot of work has been put during the last two and a half years. It is moreover a remarkable action as Dresden supporters have not had the best reputation in the past years. Well Done Dresden!


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