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FC Oberlausitz Neugersdorf vs. TSG Neustrelitz Match Report

It is late August and summer is coming to a close. Before another season bows out it bid its final farewell and offered all power left. The temperatures were around 30 degrees, no one really wants to play football in these conditions. Neugersdorf and Neustrelitz made the best of it, however.

In this heat, it was the best to settle the score in the first half. This is exactly what happened. It was no game for slow starters; both teams went towards goal that was surprising in this heat. Neustrelitz convinced through their technique and rapid passes, Neugersdorf were feisty and were rewarded within the first 5 minutes of the game.
With the first purposeful forward movement Neugersdorf’s top scorer of last season Jan Nezmar let fly a ball that was unstoppable for the Neustrelitz keeper. It was very much a team goal that began with the keeper rolling the ball to his defender who passed forward into midfield from where the ball was passed to Nezmar who finished off this move. They could have had more and finished off the game at this early point in the match.

If this was an eye candy, the equalizer was no less beautyful to watch, too. However, the making was diametrically opposed to Neugersdorf’s opener as Adamyan danced through the defence and around the keeper and put the ball into the empty. Credit to the host’s keeper who pulled back his hands as otherwise he might have had an early shower. He thus played his part in Adamyan’s little game and let him and the ball pass.

At this stage a goal for either side would have terminated the contest. Neugersdorf looked willing but lacked the final pass or the passing and running was too imprecise to finish it off. These several life lines for Neustrelitz were likewise left unused. The visitors clearly had the better personnel and more of the ball but could not get through. Their advantage was their pace in the final third. Yet, it was not going to happen.

Instead a standard just before half time gave the hosts, playing in blue the lead. Once more it was Nezmar who scored. He rose higher than his marker and got his head behind the ball to push it over the line. A goal that came against the run of the game but was no less deserved for Neugersdorf.

The second half amplified the impression of the first: Neustrelitz enjoyed more possession and better chances but missed them. Neugersdorf were still dangerous but ran out of ideas and essentially steam to outplay their visitors. The match slowed down and became boring except for some pacey solo actions at either end of the pitch. The heat took its toll. While the temperature reached 33 degrees, the heat of the battle got the better of two Neustrelitz men. First was Ilter who saw a second yellow and just before the final whistle it was Zolinski who has had a solid game. He was fouled by Nezmar but lost it when he kicked the Czech while falling and hit him in the stomach. Silly and the red card was deserved.

Neugersdorf using the advantage but made themselves look ludicrous. Especially late sub Pekdemir. It is one thing to be technically and physically fit. It is another to apply those properties to football. Pekdemir, once he had the ball created chances but was wasteful. Either he danced towards the corner flags or just dribbled too much. He is the Theo Walcott of Neugersdorf but he needs to discover that football is a team sport where one can only excel with the help of the team mates.

At the end not the better team had won but the luckier.


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