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Germany’s World Cup Goals

Ever wondered who scored all these goals for Germany at the World Cup? The video shows in roughly 62 minutes every goal scored since 1954. There is one omission though, East Germany beat West Germany in 1974 and the goal is missing. Besides this arguably disputable fact this is a very good collection.

Four is the Magic Number

The biggest sporting event in June/July 2014 saw Germany emerging as worthy winners. Worthy, because their development over the past decade has been very positive. The team has evolved enormously since the exit of the group stages of the Euro 2004 in Portugal. This was Germany’s 4th title and if certain criteria are met, there’ll be another World Cup win within the next quarter century.
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A Trend or Change of Direction?

In November 2011 the future of Brazilian football took a turn for the positive: Neymar decided to sign a new contract until 2014 with his club Santos. This however, has sent shock waves through European football as it was expected that he would move to Europe sooner rather than later. Real Madrid were offering

Don’t believe the hype

Public Enemy certainly have nothing on their minds with football but it is a fitting headline for the next big tournament due to start in a few days time: The Women’s Football World Cup in Germany. While the media attention has been rising over the last weeks, where there was some neat product placement on…