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France – Holland Match Report

After 2 weeks of Champions League football, the international break provided some interesting insight in the state of the French and Dutch soccer teams at this early stage of the World Cup year. The insights can be summarized very quickly: France seem to have the core of a team that will surprise some while the…

France – Spain World Cup Qualifier Match Report

France hosted Spain last night in a game that Spain needed to win in order to re-assure themselves that their most recent results are no sign of a dip in form. Duly, Spain delivered. With the 1-1 draw in Spain in October, France certainly looked equal to Spain, an immediate improvement from their performance against…

Germany learn the hard way

  Germany had to learn a bitter lesson yesterday: that a game of football lasts 90 minutes, not just 60. The One Hour Magicians Certainly almost everyone would agree that Germany played some very good football against Sweden last night and deservedly led 4-0 after 55 minutes. The fluidity of movement between Reus, Kroos, M

Given a Game of Football

[typography font=”Alike” size=”14″ size_format=”px”]Austria took the game to the Germans and were almost rewarded for their efforts. Marko Arnautovic will ask himself serious questions as to how he could miss an open goal from 6 metres out. More questions will have to be asked by Jogi L