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Match 4/4: Sweden progress against Canada

The last of four matches at this world cup saw me attending a knock out game between Sweden and Canada, two of the wider circle of favourites in this year’s competition. The atmosphere was a lot livelier in contrast with the previous three matches. There were close to 40000 people in the ground making some…

The Battle of Gothenburg 1958

The semi-final between Sweden and West Germany during the 1958 World Cup has had reverberations that no one could have thought of. Read more →

Germany learn the hard way

  Germany had to learn a bitter lesson yesterday: that a game of football lasts 90 minutes, not just 60. The One Hour Magicians Certainly almost everyone would agree that Germany played some very good football against Sweden last night and deservedly led 4-0 after 55 minutes. The fluidity of movement between Reus, Kroos, M

EURO 2012 Group Stage Resumee pt.2

After 12 days of group games in the test day will be a welcome break for the many journalists covering the event live in Poland and the Ukraine. It is time for a resume on the action so far. Who were the biggest surprise in a positive and negative way? Which team played the best…