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I Love You, I Love You Not

Bayern were outspoken critics of the Neymar transfer during the summer yet they tend to forget that they have close ties with Qatar, too. Read more →

The FIFA Farce

This had to happen. Just days before a crucial election, allegations of corruption were brought forward about the only “candidate” to challenge Sepp Blatter for his presidency. And the result was that on Saturday Mohammed Bin Hammam withdrew his candidacy in order to clear his name. Surprise, surprise in a hearing on Sunday, Blatter was…

FIFA = The New Greenpeace?

In an interview with German weekly paper Die Zeit the project manager Stefan Klos (not the former German goalkeeper!!!) and an architect Joachim Schares involved with the World Cup bid for Qatar 2022 answered a few questions regarding the bid and the decision making process. Of course they sound very convinced about their work and…