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The FIFA Farce

This had to happen. Just days before a crucial election, allegations of corruption were brought forward about the only “candidate” to challenge Sepp Blatter for his presidency. And the result was that on Saturday Mohammed Bin Hammam withdrew his candidacy in order to clear his name.

Surprise, surprise in a hearing on Sunday, Blatter was cleared of any wrong-doing while Jack Warner was suspended. Certainly the election can not take place now as it has become a one horse race and thus would be a farce par excellence. Warner has now published documents that show that Blatter’s aide Valcke knew about Qatar buying the World Cup in 2018. Valcke is Blatter’s right hand man and therefore if he knows, Blatter might so too. Therefore he is involved in this matter and a liability for the credibility of FIFA, if there is any of this remaining after the December meeting which saw Qatar beat candidates to hist the World Cup in 2018 and recent statements by Lord Triesman who accused members of the FIFA Executive Committee of bribery among other charges. Among them, Jack Warner. Now Warner does feature a bit too frequently, a bit too often to assume his innocence. Andrew Jennings and Jens Weinreich had their reasons why they were consistently pointing to Blatter and his aides as being crooks. Possibly Blatter has now realized the potential danger this man could be to his re-election and duly he was suspended. But Warner wouldn’t go without a fight and the events after his suspension, i.e. publishing material and emails that show how much Valcke and Blatter knew and know. Therefore all people involved should take a break, retire from their posts and let FIFA clean itself up under new guidance. Knowing that this won’t happen we’re left with a sour aftertaste of the whole affair. However, this could turn into disgust should Sepp Blatter remain in office for another term.

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