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The Magic of the Cup

There is a saying in Germany that the Cup has its own rules. It means that the underdog has the chance to beat the favourite if the latter have a bad day at the office. Looking at the Cup Final results from Europe one can but note that this rule has somehow been made obsolete.…

A Public Apology: 23 Years Late

[typography font=”Alike” size=”14″ size_format=”px”]It took 5 prime ministers: Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and 23 years for a public apology by David Cameron.[/typography]

End of Season resumee

Almost all European leagues have finished, one European Cup Final has already been played, with only the Champions League Final to come this Saturday. It is time for a conclusion of this season’s results across Europe. Due to events in Zürich leading up to the FIFA election, this review comes a bit later than it…