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Backyard Football

Playing and losing in the Europa League is part of football these days. You play and you win. You play and you lose. That is football, always has been. Some however, have not understood. Despite the ongoing Corona pandemic football is going ahead as if nothing happened, losing some of its image and credibility along…

Reinhard ‘Stan’ Libuda vs. Liverpool 1966

When Liverpool play Borussia Dortmund tonight, there will be the odd mention of 1966 when both teams met in the final of the Cup Winners’ Cup at Hampden Park, Glasgow. The game 50 years ago was played under entirely different signs. Liverpool were favourites and Dortmund had nothing but the role as outsider to play. Originally, it was thought that West Ham would play Liverpool in the final but the Germans had other ideas.

The final of 1699 was decided by Stan Libuda’s long range kick from roughly 25 metres. Normally, this was not his habit. He was a dribbler and a fine technical player. If he got past one defender, he waited until the opponent got up to his feet again, only to fool him again before he passed to his team mates. The goal in extra time secured Dortmund’s win and the first European trophy for a German club at the third attempt after Eintracht Frankfurt in 1960 and 1860 Munich in 1965 lost their respective final matches.

The game today sees Dortmund being the favourite even though they have a new coach, Thomas Tuchel who has replaced Jürgen Klopp, the current Liverpool coach. That makes this match tonight a rather special occasion.

image credit: Nationaal Archief via WikiCommons under CC BY-SA 3.0 NL

Europa League Final 2012: Athletic Bilbao – Atletico Madrid

As was often the case in the past, finals are occasions that are hyped up by the media and never hold up to their initial promise. This game started brightly with Falcao scoring just after 7 minutes after which the game became a dull event. The highlights of the game were the goals by Falcao…

Spanish Dominance

Last year’s Europa League Final in Dublin was dubbed the Portuguese Championship. This year’s edition will feature two teams from Spain but it is by no means a championship decider like 2011’s final. Atletico Madrid and Athletic Club Bilbao both deserve their place in Bukarest tomorrow night as they have been the most constant and…

European Round Up: The Big Cup

It’s almost Christmas and the time has come to take stock of the season so far, most notably the European Cups for which qualification kicked off in June, when the focus of many was on the World Cup.This is now six months ago and of course there is a lot to write about as a…

PSG vs. BVB match report

On a mild autumn November evening Paris St. Germain took on Borussia Dortmund to secure their place in the knockout stages while the visitors from Germany needed a win to keep alive their chances for European football after the winter break. A match for two teams that do not boast the big names in their…

Emerging Patterns

a short overview of the first seven, eight or nine matches in Europe’s top five leagues. Read more →