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Stamp(s) of Authority

Football was the most popular sport in East Germany, something which did not show in the country’s immense output of postal stamps. There are only two stamps showing football. Read more →

The Year 2014 in the Rearviewmirror

This has been a turbulent year for FC Magdeburg. It was also a very important one. Firstly, history played an big role as the Club remembered the 40th anniversary of their biggest triumph: winning the Cup Winners Cup vs. AC Milan in Rotterdam in 1974. In the previous decades, this trophy proved to be a…

Empty Promises

or: Nothing has changed but the surrounding bullshit that has grown; or: Football’s Groundhog Day. Whatever observers and fans of 1. FC Magdeburg will title this period in the club’s history, it appears that bit by bit the promise of a successful future is once more nothing but a fantasy. It has been highlighted last…

The Leipzig Football Lab

Leipzig, city of heroes it is often referred to. The credit is due and well deserved as the city was the cradle from which the East German ‘velvet revolution’ began and spread across the GDR in 1989. In football however, the city resembles a working station, a lab, which experiments with football and produces new…

The continuing malaise of East German football.

The editorial in the German football magazine Fu