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Common Ground

German top flight football experiences a boom and the foreign media have taken note of it. This post however, looks at three East German clubs which find themselves in one division: the Regionalliga, the fourth division, away from the limelight. All three of them have managed to reach a European Cup Final. Three Finalists When…

Juri Schl

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East Germany’s Golden Decade

The Seventies in German football history are dominated by discussion of the team that have won the 1972 European Championship and the 1974 World Cup. On course for their triumph against Holland, West Germany had to face East Germany for the one and only time. It was we against us. However, there was more to…

The Leipzig Football Lab

Leipzig, city of heroes it is often referred to. The credit is due and well deserved as the city was the cradle from which the East German ‘velvet revolution’ began and spread across the GDR in 1989. In football however, the city resembles a working station, a lab, which experiments with football and produces new…