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Colourful Bundesliga

Who ever has said that the Bundesliga is dull needs to re-think after watching this video in which female and male models alike present the new shirts of the Bundesliga clubs by dancing through the broadcast studio. The presenter is Hans Joachim Friedrichs, an icon of German journalism and he is accompanied by Günter Netzer, one of the best players Germany ever had and possibly the best of the 1970s.

The Bundesliga through British Eyes

The German Bundesliga is one of the most popular football leagues in Europe. Through British eyes there is a very special appeal to it. Read more →

We need to talk about Leipzig

RB Leipzig are top of the league and some people are not happy. However, scapegoats are easy to find. Last weekend the Bundesliga experienced something unusual. For the first time in what must feel like an era, Bayern are no longer top of the league. That’s the part most people would rejoice in. The fact…

Bill Shankly once famously stated:

‘Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.’

That this is not the case was shown last weekend during the Bundesliga game between Schalke 04 and Eintracht Frankfurt. One of the Schalke banner carriers collapsed 15 minutes into the game. Initially, no one reacted. It was a photographer who alarmed the paramedics and with their help and Schalke

Goals, Goals, Goals

Richard Gutjahr, an articulate German journalist who established his reputation for experimenting with all things online, once summarized the relationship of the Germans and the internet thus: It’s complicated. It is indeed, if one reads the statistics Gutjahr presents. The generation older than 45 years fears that with the internet a general trend to stultify society has commenced. Its’ not just the social anxiety towards the internet, it appears German football also does not embrace new technology.

During a meeting of all executives of Germany’s 36 professional football clubs the introduction of goal line technology such as Hawk Eye as it is used in the Premier League was voted against. The reasons given: too expensive and not technically sound, yet. Read more →

How to Assess Strength

Is the German Bundesliga really the strongest league as it is often declared?


It seems this year has a special ring to it as 3 of the 5 major soccer leagues in Europe celebrate a particular anniversary in 2013. England: Football 150 This is certainly the biggest date this year for football historians and fans alike. A century and a half a group of enthusiasts codified the rules…

Bundesliga 50: the 1990s the lost decade?

The 1990s began on a high and ended in a deep deep trauma. Where did it all go wrong for German football in the 1990s? An influx of Eastern talent could have helped to make the national team ‘invincible for years to come.’ As it turns out, Italia 90 and Euro 96 were the last…

Bundesliga 50: the 1980s

With the return of the Bundesliga for the second leg of its 50. season, the Bundesliga50 series continues with the 3rd part of the history of the German football league. This part will focus on the 1980s. After the first taste of success during the 1960s and the most successful decade for the national team,…

Bundesliga 50: the 1970s

Part 2 of the anniversary series Bundesliga 50 has a look at the 1970s, a period during which German football came to the fore once more but only after some scandalous revelations were shaken off. The 1970s were arguably Germany’s most successful decade, in club as well as international terms. Never before and not since…