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Enough is Enough

The world of football took note on Sunday when a mere 200 fans stormed Old Trafford ahead of Manchester United’s home game against Liverpool – one of the most important games of the season for either club – and caused the game to be postponed. It is a strong signal that something is wrong in football, and it is not just the recently proposed and immediately binned Super League. This protest is a sign that the anger and the frustration touches upon sentiments that are much more intense and deeper than many may think. This protest is against owners who consider the possession of a football club to enrich themselves and to load the debt onto the club. Back in 2005 many fans left United for good when the Glazer family came in and created a new, their own football club, FC United of Manchester, currently playing in the Northern Premier. The club is the entire opposite to what Manchester United have become: owned by the fans and run by them.

The proposal of the Super League just a couple of weeks ago was the final drop that broke the dam and the result was for all to see inside the stadium. The protest outside was largely peaceful, yet there are always those taking a chance for mischief. This minority should not dominate the coverage of the events at Old Trafford but instead emphasis must be on those who have been protesting for years; against the idea of floating shares of Manchester United on the stock exchange or the proposed takeover by Rupert Murdoch. Football fans care about their club and they have a long memory.

Supporters have said it often enough: enough is enough. It is high time that those in charge listen.

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